Copy Righter

  • 3h 12m
  • Ian Atkinson
  • LID Publishing Ltd
  • 2011

The written word is making a comeback! For years we have been told the world is becoming more “visual”. That everyone has a shorter attention span. That a picture “speaks a thousand words”. But look at social media. Blogs. Tweets. Reader’s comments. Peer reviews. People are starting to read again! Books on Kindle, magazines on the iPad. Advertising on more places than there are places. There’s never been a better time to discover how to influence people using nothing more than the words on a page or screen. This book will show you how. An invaluable, modern guide to copywriting, it reveals how anyone can learn to write for business in a way that is brand-literate, media-savvy, utterly engaging…and irresistibly persuasive.

About the Author

Ian Atkinson is the creative director of a large agency group in the United Kingdom. He has won a number of industry awards for his copywriting and creative work.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Fantastic Four—How to write good copy
  • The Famous Five—How to write great copy
  • Twenty-five top tips
  • The Magnificent Seven—Copy examples, from brief to execution
  • Appendices