Cyber Security. Simply. Make it Happen.: Leveraging Digitization Through IT Security

  • 2h 55m
  • Ferri Abolhassan (ed)
  • Springer
  • 2017

This book provides a practical and strategic perspective on IT and cyber security for corporations and other businesses. Leading experts from industry, politics and research discuss the status quo and future prospects of corporate cyber security. They answer questions such as: How much will IT security cost? Who will provide IT security? Can security even be fun?

The book claims that digitization will increasingly pervade all areas of the economy, as well as our daily professional and personal lives. It will produce speed, agility and cost efficiency, but also increasing vulnerability in the context of public, corporate and private life. Consequently, cyber security is destined to become the great facilitator of digitization, providing maximum protection for data, networks, data centres and terminal devices.

About the Editor

Dr. Ferri Abolhassan is Director of T-Systems International GmbH, responsible for the IT Division and Telekom Security. He has authored various publications on IT markets and trends.

In this Book

  • Foreword—Trust is the Basis of Digitization
  • Security—The Real Challenge for Digitalization
  • Security Policy—Rules for Cyberspace
  • Data Protection Empowerment
  • Red Teaming and Wargaming—How Can Management and Supervisory Board Members Become More Involved in Cybersecurity?—A Traditional Military Approach Applied to Strategy Development in the Field of Cybersecurity
  • The Law and its Contribution to IT Security—Legal Framework, Requirements, Limits
  • IT Security—Stronger Together
  • The German Security Market—Searching for the Complete Peace-of-Mind Service
  • CSP, not 007—Integrated Cybersecurity Skills Training
  • Human Factors in IT Security
  • Secure and Simple—Plug-and-Play Security
  • Cybersecurity - What's Next?
  • Conclusion
  • Glossary