Data Lakes For Dummies

  • 5h 48m
  • Alan R. Simon
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021

Take a dive into data lakes

“Data lakes” is the latest buzz word in the world of data storage, management, and analysis. Data Lakes For Dummies decodes and demystifies the concept and helps you get a straightforward answer the question: “What exactly is a data lake and do I need one for my business?” Written for an audience of technology decision makers tasked with keeping up with the latest and greatest data options, this book provides the perfect introductory survey of these novel and growing features of the information landscape. It explains how they can help your business, what they can (and can’t) achieve, and what you need to do to create the lake that best suits your particular needs.

With a minimum of jargon, prolific tech author and business intelligence consultant Alan Simon explains how data lakes differ from other data storage paradigms. Once you’ve got the background picture, he maps out ways you can add a data lake to your business systems; migrate existing information and switch on the fresh data supply; clean up the product; and open channels to the best intelligence software for to interpreting what you’ve stored.

  • Understand and build data lake architecture
  • Store, clean, and synchronize new and existing data
  • Compare the best data lake vendors
  • Structure raw data and produce usable analytics

Whatever your business, data lakes are going to form ever more prominent parts of the information universe every business should have access to. Dive into this book to start exploring the deep competitive advantage they make possible―and make sure your business isn’t left standing on the shore.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Jumping into the Data Lake
  • Planning Your Day (and the Next Decade) at the Data Lake
  • Break Out the Life Vests—Tackling Data Lake Challenges
  • Imprinting Your Data Lake on a Reference Architecture
  • Anybody Hungry? Ingesting and Storing Raw Data in Your Bronze Zone
  • Your Data Lake's Water Treatment Plant—The Silver Zone
  • Bottling Your Data Lake Water in the Gold Zone
  • Playing in the Sandbox
  • Fishing in the Data Lake
  • Rowing End-to-End Across the Data Lake
  • A Cloudy Day at the Data Lake
  • Building Data Lakes in Amazon Web Services
  • Building Data Lakes in Microsoft Azure
  • Figuring Out If You Have a Data Swamp Instead of a Data Lake
  • Defining Your Data Lake Remediation Strategy
  • Refilling Your Data Lake
  • Checking Your GPS—The Data Lake Road Map
  • Booking Future Trips to the Data Lake
  • Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Building a Data Lake
  • Ten Places to Get Help for Your Data Lake
  • Ten Differences between a Data Warehouse and a Data Lake