Delegating for Business Success

  • 1h 54m
  • Janis Fisher Chan
  • 2004

Gain the skills to:

  • Respond rapidly to changing circumstances and employ time and resources more productively
  • Assume delegated roles and delegate effectively in team, virtual and cross-functional environments
  • Delegate across the organization, to peers, subordinates and team-members
  • Use delegation to foster an empowered workforce and build personal and organizational success

Delegation has always been an essential supervisory and managerial competency. In our leaner, more productive workplace it is now a survival skill for organizational success. This lively new look at an old skill addresses today’s delegation challenges with a workable plan and many practical exercises to ensure successful implementation. Discover what delegating really involves and learn to make confident delegating choices.

Learn how to:
  • Assess your own delegating ability and address your hesitations about delegation
  • Give employees the authority and responsibility they need to get the job done
  • Avoid common mistakes of delegation, including reverse delegation
  • Identify which types of tasks and responsibilities should be delegated and which ones
  • Monitor the delegation process, evaluate progress, identify problems and reward success
  • Improve goal-setting, prioritizing, planning, communication and feedback skills

About the Author

Janis Fisher Chan is cofounder of Advanced Communication Designs, Inc., a San Anselmo training company established to help people communicate clearly and work together effectively. A specialist in the design of training programs, Ms. Chan has developed, written, and conducted customized classroom and self-study courses on a wide range of business topics, including performance management, making effective presentations, professional writing skills, and project management. Her publications include, with co-author Diane Lutovich, Professional Writing Skills, Grammar for Grownups, Writing Performance Documentation, How to Write Reports and Proposals, and Just Commas. Her previous AMA self-study publications are Taking Control with Time Management, 5th Edition, Managing Your Priorities, Presentation Success, and Communication Skills for Managers, 5th Edition.

In this Book

  • Delegating—More Important Than Ever
  • Delegating to Get Results
  • Planning to Delegate
  • Delegating a Job
  • Monitoring and Evaluating a Delegated Job
  • Delegating in Other Situations
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Post-Test