Designing Dynamic Organizations: A Hands-on Guide for Leaders at All Levels

  • 5h
  • Amy Kates, Diane Downey, Jay Galbraith
  • 2002

Which business structures are best suited to the unpredictable 21st century? How can a company, division, or department reconfigure itself with minimum disruption and maximum impact? Every executive grapples with problems of restructuring--and most need hands-on guidance to solve them. This eye-opening book shows business leaders at all levels how to examine their choices by leading them systematically through these fundamental questions:

  • Should we restructure to meet our strategic goals?
  • What are the best structural options to achieve our success?
  • What lateral processes are necessary to support the new structure?
  • How do we staff the restructured organization to optimize results?

Based on Galbraith’s world-renowned approach, this guide includes examples and worksheets that pilot readers through the essential steps of organizational design.

About the Authors

Jay Galbraith is a professor at the University of Southern California and the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne. His previous books, including Organizing for the Future and Designing Organizations, are classics in their field.

Diane Downey is president of Downey Associates International (DAI), a management consulting firm, and author of Assimilating New Leaders.

Amy Kates is a senior consultant at DAI.

In this Book

  • Getting Started
  • Determining the Design Framework
  • Designing the Structure
  • Processes and Lateral Capability
  • Defining and Rewarding Success
  • People Practices
  • Implementation
  • Conclusion