Designing Products for Evolving Digital Users: Study UX Behavior Patterns, Online Communities, and Future Digital Trends

  • 2h 48m
  • Anastasia Utesheva
  • Apress
  • 2020

Digital user behavior is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, and predicting future trends is a booming business as a result. Users associate technology with their identities now more than ever, and it is up to you as a product designer to enhance their experience for the better. Designing Products for Evolving Digital Users is a 21st century handbook that helps you do just that.

By providing insights that allow you to study UX (user experience) behavior patterns, online communities, and future digital trends, Designing Products for Evolving Digital Users instills confidence and fact-based foundations for your digital creations. Author Anastasia Utesheva expertly teaches you how to account for the way the technology impacts the identity of users and how that identity shifts through ongoing interaction with a product or service. She also brings in important case studies on social media, gaming, eRetail, and more to illustrate past examples of technology’s profound impact on communal and individual identity.

Digital product design’s ultimate end goal is end user satisfaction. While a myriad of material is available out there consisting of simple tips and tricks for optimal digital design, Designing Products for Evolving Digital Users is a rare and remarkable title that cohesively accounts for all environmental factors involved. Comprehend how distributed technology impacts creation and negotiation of identity and explore communities that form around digital products. UX designers, futurists, students, and industry veterans alike have an abundance of invaluable learning ahead of them in Designing Products for Evolving Digital Users.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to design digital products/services that resonate with and transform identity of users
  • Study how digital impacts formation of identity
  • Consider how digital technology has impacted our world and implications for future digital trends

Who This Book Is For

UX designers, digital product creators, entrepreneurs, educators, philosophy of technology enthusiasts, futurists

About the Author

Anastasia Utesheva has dedicated her career to improving quality of life through strategic design. Her experience working across academia, government, and private sector organizations has shaped her pragmatic approach to sustainable systemic change. Anastasia believes that the coevolution of humans and technology is core to transforming legacy ways of being and creating truly beautiful and sustainable ways of life. Anastasia specializes in shifting thought systems to empower creators to (re)design through empathy and core value alignment.

In this Book

  • Digital Evolution—Coevolution of Humans and Technology
  • Evolution of Identity—The Digitally Enhanced "I"
  • Designing for Evolving Users—Enhance Life Through Digital Design
  • Design Thinking in Action—An Approach for Better Design
  • Design for Change—Creating Digital Products and Services That Enhance Lives
  • Digital Trends—Impact of Exponential Digital Progress on Life
  • Conclusion—Empowered Digital Designers