Differential Equations: An Introduction to Basic Concepts, Results and Applications

  • 9h 3m
  • Ioan I. Vrabie
  • World Scientific Publishing Co
  • 2004

This book presents, in a unitary frame and from a new perspective, the main concepts and results of one of the most fascinating branches of modern mathematics, namely differential equations, and offers the reader another point of view concerning a possible way to approach the problems of existence, uniqueness, approximation, and continuation of the solutions to a Cauchy problem. In addition, it contains simple introductions to some topics which are not usually included in classical textbooks: the exponential formula, conservation laws, generalized solutions, Caratheodory solutions, differential inclusions, variational inequalities, viability, invariance, gradient systems.

In this Book

  • Generalities
  • The Cauchy Problem
  • Approximation Methods
  • Systems of Linear Differential Equations
  • Elements of Stability
  • Prime Integrals
  • Extensions and Generalizations
  • Auxiliary Results
  • Solutions
  • Bibliography