Difficult People: Working Effectively with Prickly Bosses, Coworkers, and Clients

  • 1h 23m
  • John Hoover
  • HarperCollins
  • 2007

Every office has someone who's no fun to be around. But getting along with that person—and managing them effectively—can make both your jobs easier. Difficult People, a comprehensive and essential resource for any manager on the run, shows you how.

Learn to:

  • Recognize why and when people act out
  • Identify different types of difficult people
  • Cope with difficult behavior
  • Get the most out of trouble employees
  • Nurture a harmonious work environment

About the Author

John Hoover is a former executive with Walt Disney Productions and McGraw-Hill and holds master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy and in human and organizational development, as well as a Ph.D. in human and organizational systems. Dr. Hoover is a leadership coach, organizational communications specialist, organizational behavior consultant, workshop leader, and keynote speaker for organizations, including the American Society of Training and Development, the Boeing Leadership Center, Delta Air Lines, IBM, Motorola, the New York State Training Council, the Society for Human Resource Management, Xerox, and many others.

He is also the author and coauthor of 12 management and motivation books, including Bullwinkle on Business: Motivational Secrets of a Chief Executive Moose, How to Work for an Idiot, How to Live with an Idiot, How to Sell to an Idiot, The Art of Constructive Confrontation, Unleashing Leadership, Leadership When the Heat’s On with Danny Cox, and Time Management in the Collins Best Practices series.

In this Book

  • Difficult People—Working Effectively with Prickly Bosses, Coworkers and Clients
  • Preface
  • How Difficult People Affect the Workplace
  • Understanding Difficult People
  • How to Handle Difficult People
  • Recommended Reading