Effective Communication for the Technical Professions, Second Edition

  • 10h 8m
  • Jennifer MacLennan
  • Oxford University Press (UK)
  • 2009

Effective Communication for the Technical Professions is a core text aimed at the first- through third-year university and college levels. Using a theoretical and practical approach, this text is a concise guide to technical communication that helps students practise critical reading and analysis skills, technical writing, as well as develop communication skills employers value. By approaching communication as a human process that requires not only clarity of purpose, but also a strong sense of audience, the text is based on the premise that an understanding of basic rhetorical theory can enhance one's practical communication skills.

In this Book

  • Understanding the Communicative Situation
  • Planning and Drafting Technical Messages
  • Editing Your Technical Writing Style
  • Ethics in Professional Communication
  • Professional Correspondence
  • Writing Reports
  • Formal, Semi-Formal, and Informal Reports
  • Oral Reports and Technical Presentations
  • The Application Package
  • The Job Interview
  • Notes


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