Emote: Using Emotions to Make Your Message Memorable

  • 3h 45m
  • Vikas Gopal Jhingran
  • Career Press, Inc.
  • 2014

Many people fear public speaking more than death. Most wish they could do it better, or at least avoid the sweating, stuttering jitters that plague them before any presentation or speech.

Vikas Jhingran has been there. He was so poor at speaking in public that his supervisor wouldn't let him make presentations to clients--even when he had done all the work.

Surprisingly, few professional speakers and presenters understand speeches or presentations at a fundamental level. Their overly prescriptive approach actually ends up confusing the speech and the tools that are used to deliver it, instead of connecting with the essential part of speaking--that which engages listeners with the message and the emotions that go with it.

By focusing on the most important aspect of communication--the transfer of emotion--Emote:

  • Develops an emotion-driven approach that will help you deliver a powerful, effective message despite any perceived handicaps.
  • Encourages introverts and non-native speakers to find their voices and deliver impactful speeches.
  • Clarifies the roles of common speaking tools and shows how to use them effectively.

In Emote, Vikas presents an emotion-based approach that will change the way you think about verbal communications. Emote will help you gain the confidence you need to stand in the spotlight and "wow" clients or executives, create connections, and get your message across to anyone.

About the Author

Vikas Gopal Jhingran is an MIT-trained engineer and researcher who used to suffer from poor speaking skills, due in large part to being both an introvert and an immigrant. He studied public speaking to improve in this area and eventually won the Toastmasters 2007 World Championship of Public Speaking, the first East Indian and only the second Asian to do so in the 80-year history of the competition.

Vikas is an engineer with Shell Oil Company and uses his leadership and communication skills to manage multi-million-dollar projects. He also delivers keynotes and conducts workshops to help others become better speakers.

In this Book

  • Emote—Using Emotions to Make Your Message Memorable
  • Introduction
  • The Proposition
  • The Importance of Effective Verbal Communication
  • What Is a Speech?
  • Working With Emotions
  • The Emotional Approach to Verbal Communication
  • Practical Examples of the Emotional Approach to Communication
  • Why Study the Mechanics of Speaking?
  • The Words
  • Using Your Voice
  • Nonverbal Communication—Gestures, Props, and Stage Use
  • The Art of Telling a Story
  • Presenting With PowerPoint
  • Tools, Culture, and Personality Types
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Listening Skills
  • Putting It All Together
  • Epilogue—The Three Speeches
  • Bibliography



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