Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere, Second Edition

  • 13h 24m
  • Kyle Brown, et al.
  • IBM Press
  • 2003

Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere, Second Edition is the definitive guide to building mission-critical enterprise systems with J2EE, WebSphere, and WebSphere StudioApplication Developer. Fully updated for Versions 5.x of WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Studio Application Developer, it combines expert architectural best practices with a case study that walks you through constructing an entire system.

The authors are an extraordinary team of WebSphere insiders: developers, consultants, instructors, and IBM WebSphere development team members. Together, they offer unprecedented insight into the use and behavior of WebSphere's APIs in real-world environments—and systematic guidance for delivering systems of exceptional performance, robustness, and business value.

Coverage includes

  • Practical introductions to J2EE, WebSphere Application Server 5.0, and Web application architecture
  • Detailed coverage of Web application construction, including MVC partitioning with Struts, servlets/JSP, and session management
  • Step-by-step guidance for building and testing application business models, including JUnit testing
  • In-depth insight into EJB architecture, including transactions, security, and advanced object relational mapping
  • Web services: examples and best practices leveraging WebSphere Application Server 5.x's latest enhancements

In this Book

  • Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to the Case Study
  • J2EE Overview
  • What Is WebSphere?
  • Presentation Layer Patterns
  • Servlets
  • Developing Servlets Using IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer
  • Testing Servlets Using WSAD
  • Managing Session State
  • JavaServer Pages Concepts
  • Tag Libraries and Custom Tags
  • Design Considerations for Controllers
  • Developing and Testing JSPs in WSAD
  • Apache Struts as an MVC Framework
  • XML/XSL Web Interfaces in WSAD
  • Developing and Testing the Domain Model
  • Unit and Functional Testing Applications in WSAD
  • Supporting Enterprise Applications
  • Basic EJB Architecture
  • Developing EJBs with WSAD
  • Testing and Debugging EJBs in WSAD
  • EJB Client Development
  • Simple CMP Entity Beans
  • CMP Mapping Strategies and Mapping in WSAD
  • Advanced CMP Mapping
  • Bean-Managed Persistence
  • Introduction to Message-Driven Beans
  • Transactions in WebSphere 5.0
  • J2EE Security in WebSphere
  • Building Layered Architectures for EJB Systems
  • Implementing the Case Study User Interface
  • An Introduction to J2EE Web Services for WebSphere
  • Constructing J2EE Web Services for WebSphere
  • Web Services Architectures and Best Practices
  • A Final Look
  • Bibliography