Facilitation Skills Training

  • 1h 47m
  • Kimberly Devlin
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2017

Help them make the most out of every meeting.

Rambling group discussions, tangential concerns, difficult attendees, and unclear objectives can all derail a facilitated event―and often do. But more than just learning how to avoid the pitfalls, effective facilitators ease the way for groups to achieve desired outcomes, redirect them to constructive paths, and rally commitment to action plans.

Expert trainer and facilitator Kimberly Devlin has designed interactive half-day, one-day, and two-day workshops to develop the essential skills of facilitating meetings that inspire, engage, and get results. Complete with all the activities, handouts, assessments, and presentation slides you will need to accelerate learning, these programs make planning your next workshop easy, whether you are new to facilitation or a seasoned pro.

About the Series

The ATD Workshop Series is written for trainers by trainers, because no one knows workshops as well as the practitioners who have done it all. Each publication weaves in today's technology and accessibility considerations and provides a wealth of new content that can be used to create a training experience like no other.

About the Author

With her combined passions for effective communication and relevant workplace learning, Kimberly Devlin's focus is always on providing direct, complete, and compelling deliverables. In the training room, her focus is on supporting each learner in meeting their specific learning goals. She achieves this, in part, through engaging and interactive learning that is purpose-driven, enjoyable, and immediately applicable.

As a senior professional in Employee and Organizational Development with a Masters Degree from the University of Miami, she was among the first in the industry to attain ATD's CPLP certification. Her state-of-the-industry credentials and diverse experience bring real-world examples and stories to the training room. Kimberly's experience extends to city, county, and state government agencies across the U.S. as well as working with Fortune 500 firms here and in South America. She has been a contributor to the ATD community both locally and nationally for many years, serving on boards, presenting conference sessions at ICE and ALC, and also volunteering time for ATD initiatives. You may have seen her in T&D! Now, come learn with her.

In this Book

  • Half-Day Facilitation Skills Workshop: Trainer Turned Facilitator
  • One-Day Facilitation Skills Workshop: Getting to Success
  • Two-Day Facilitation Skills Workshop: Behind the Curtain
  • Customizing the Facilitation Skills Workshops
  • Identifying Needs for Facilitation Skills Training
  • Understanding the Foundations of Training Design
  • Leveraging Technology to Maximize and Support Design and Delivery
  • Delivering Your Facilitation Skills Workshops
  • Evaluating Workshop Results
  • The Follow-Up Coach
  • Learning Activities
  • Assessments
  • Handouts
  • Online Supporting Documents and Downloads


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