Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline: How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders in Small to Mid-sized Companies

  • 2h 49m
  • Daniel R. Tobin
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2010

No company is too small to plan for its leadership future. Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline provides a blueprint for leadership development that addresses the unique challenges of small to mid-sized companies. It helps busiess leaders identify high-potential talent, define key leadership competencies,build an affordable and effective leadership development program, harness the power of mentoring and coaching, evaluate program effectiveness, and calculate what it will cost.

About the Author

Daniel Tobin is a consultant, coach, and author on corporate learning strategies and leadership development programs. He has worked in the training and development field for 30 years, including four years as vice president of design and development at the American Management Association, 11 years at Digital Equipment Corporation where he founded Digital’s Network University, and two years at Wang Global/ Getronics where he founded Wang Global/Getronics Virtual University. Tobin has extensive experience in leadership and management development, executive education, sales and sales support training, and technical education. He has taught courses on leadership, effective teamwork, organizational transformation, and coaching skills, and he has given workshops and keynotes to executives, human resources groups, and training organizations on five continents. He has also acted as a coach to corporate training directors on how to align their learning initiatives more closely with their companies’ business goals and strategies and to human resources and training groups on how to build leadership development programs, using the model described in this book.

In this Book

  • Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline—How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders in Small to Mid-sized Companies
  • Introduction
  • Identifying Your Company’s High-Potential Talent
  • Components of a Leadership Development Program
  • LDP Education Sessions
  • LDP Experiential and Action Learning
  • LDP Individual Development Plans and Guidance
  • LDP Mentoring, Coaching, and Reinforcement
  • Participant Assessment and Program Evaluation
  • Roles in the LDP
  • Getting Started
  • How Much Will It Cost?
  • Potential Topics for Your LDP Education Sessions
  • References