From We Will to at Will: A Handbook For Veteran Hiring, Transitioning, and Thriving in the Workplace

  • 4h 25m
  • Justin Constantine
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • 2018

A quarter of a million service members transition from the military each year to the civilian workforce, and though much has been written, studied, and researched about the challenges of employing veterans, bridging the divide between the “We Will” environment of the military and the “At Will” reality of the private sector can be daunting. With expert recommendations and insights, real-world case studies, and state-of-the-art resources and tools, From We Will to At Will demystifies the culture and mind-set of today’s veterans, presents the business case for hiring veterans, shows how to manage the hiring process, and provides a clear road-map to navigate the path from veteran-friendly to veteran-ready.

About the Author

Retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Justin Constantine is an inspirational speaker and veteran advocate. He speaks at numerous corporate, educational and military institutions about leadership, the upside of change, teamwork and overcoming adversity. Justin is also a Senior Advisor at the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program focusing on veteran employment. And as a consultant with, Justin assists corporations with all aspects of their veteran hiring initiatives.

In this Book

  • Military 401
  • The Business Case for Hiring Veterans
  • Sourcing Military Talent
  • Reading and Understanding Military Résumés
  • Interviewing Veterans
  • Creating a Military-Friendly and Military-Ready Work Environment
  • Understanding the Visible and Invisible Wounds of War
  • Military Spouse Employment
  • Veteran Entrepreneurship and Supplier Diversity
  • Women Veterans