Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Twelfth Edition

  • 13h 4m
  • David A. DeCenzo, Stephen P. Robbins, Susan L. Verhulst
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2016

The 12th Edition of Fundamentals of Human Resource Management helps students understand and remember concepts through a straightforward and conversational writing style and a wealth of examples to clarify ideas and build interest. The authors provide a strong foundation of essential elements of Human Resource Management as well as a clear understanding of how Human Resource Management links with business strategy. Through practical applications, the authors illustrate the importance of employees on every level of the organization, helping students understand HRM elements such as recruitment, training, motivation, retention, safety, the legal environment, and how they support successful business strategies. This text is an unbound, three hole punched version.

In this Book

  • The Dynamic Environment of HRM
  • Functions and Strategy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Employee Rights and Discipline
  • Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis
  • Recruiting
  • Foundations of Selection
  • Onboarding, Training, and Developing Employees
  • Managing Careers
  • Establishing the Performance Management System
  • Establishing Rewards and Pay Plans
  • Employee Benefits
  • Managing Health and Safety Risks
  • Understanding Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining