Getting Started with WordPress: Design Your Own Blog or Website

  • 2h 20m
  • Todd Kelsey
  • Cengage Course PTR
  • 2012

If you're a beginning blogger looking for an easy-to-follow, friendly guide to help you produce an attractively designed blog or website, this is the book for you. You'll learn the basics of WordPress, one-click installs, and customizations. There's also coverage of SEO, categorizing blog posts, and social media promotion strategies, such as importing your blog into a Facebook page. This book's approach starts out simple using step-by-step examples and builds from there, enabling you to gain confidence in building your blog. You'll soon feel comfortable with a variety of helpful techniques: writing the text for your blog, adding pictures to your posts, publicizing your blog, tracking the number of visitors you've had, customizing the look and feel of your blog, managing comment spam, and even exploring ecommerce. You'll see sample blogs in the book so you can get an idea of what other bloggers are doing. Readers await your blog!

About the Author

Todd Kelsey, PhD (ABD) is an author and educator whose publishing credits include several books written to help people learn more about technology. He has appeared on television as a featured expert and has helped a variety of corporations and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Kelsey is the founder of Communications for the World (CFTW), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to explore how technology can support sustainability in the areas of health, the environment and community development.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • WordPress Alternatives: Starting with Blogger
  • Starting a Free WordPress Blog
  • Working with Digital Images
  • Hosted WordPress: One-Click Installation
  • Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam: Understanding Spam and Security for WordPress
  • Easy Launch: Getting Your Blog Going
  • Easy Content: Categories and SEO
  • Easy Insights: WordPress Stats and Google Analytics
  • Easy Expansion: Themes and Pages
  • Easy Expansion: Integrating Facebook and GTranslate
  • Easy Expansion: More Plugins
  • Promoting on Social Media
  • Promoting with Social Advertising
  • A Few Sample Blogs