Handbook of Research on Global Media's Preternatural Influence on Global Technological Singularity, Culture, and Government

  • 14h 44m
  • Alex Bennet, Stephen Brock Schafer
  • IGI Global
  • 2022

Trends of the last few years, including global health crises, political division, and the ongoing threat to social-environmental survival, have been continually obscured by disinformation and misinformation and therefore created a need for stronger global technological media policy. It is no longer acceptable or moral to support a global communication network based only on market factors and propaganda.

The Handbook of Research on Global Media’s Preternatural Influence on Global Technological Singularity, Culture, and Government views preternatural healing of the media-sphere from a variety of perspectives on the dynamic of heart-coherent entertainment. Specifically, it addresses the subject of a healthy media from a variety of fractal perspectives. Covering topics such as collective unconscious, mediated reality, and government media trust, this major reference work is an essential resource for librarians, media specialists, media analysts, sociologists, government employees, communications specialists, psychologists, researchers, educators, academicians, and students.

About the Author

Stephen Schafer’s interest is on communications research relating to media influence on cultural transformation. He has been developing a theoretical analog between cognitive models and video game structure. The analog is based on a multidimensional common denominator—narrative-metaphorical linguistic structure—that operates as an affective transducer between conscious and unconscious cognitive dimensions. Accordingly, a genre of drama-based video games (DBG) may be used as a research instrument to access robust data relative to unconscious cognitive states. Schafer is Principal Lecturer and Past Chairman of the Humanities & Social Sciences Department at Digipen Institute of Technology where he has taught since 2000. In addition to teaching at several colleges and universities, he has twenty-five years of experience that includes senior management in both the public and private sectors, social and environmental activism, marketing, and journalism. The unusual breadth and depth of his practical experience supports his research on the media dynamics of cultural evolution. Conference presentations and professional affiliations include such events as PAX 2009, GDC Austin 2008 & 2009, Toward a Science of Consciousness 2008 & 2009, Social Approaches to Consciousness, Game Education Summit (GES) North America 2009, GES North America 2010, and GES Europe 2010. He was invited to co-organize an international invitational workshop on Meaningful Media at the Asia Festival 2009, is a Senior Fellow of the Video Games & Human Values Initiative, an invited member of The Society of Industry Leaders, a member of the Immersive Education Initiative (MediaGrid), The C. G. Jung Foundation, and others. He teaches an array of classes that emphasize mythology, symbolism, and Jungian psychological dynamics of dream interpretation in order to train game-story writers to apply the principles to interactive narrative.

Alex Bennet, a Professor at the Bangkok University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia is internationally recognized as an expert in knowledge management and an agent for organizational change. She is co-founder of the Mountain Quest Institute, a research and retreat center situated in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia dedicated to three quests: the quest for knowledge, the quest for consciousness, and the quest for meaning. Prior to co-founding the Mountain Quest Institute, she served as the Chief Knowledge Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer for Enterprise Integration for the U.S. Department of the Navy, and was co-chair of the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group. Prior to that she was the Acquisition Reform Executive and Standards Improvement Executive for the DON. Dr. Bennet is the recipient of the Distinguished and Superior Public Service Awards from the U.S. government for her work in the Federal Sector. Early in life she explored her passions as an Opera Singer, Voice Coach, Theatrical Director, Journalist, Newspaper Editor, and Public Relations Manager, and she has traveled around the world speaking and teaching. Alex is a Delta Epsilon Sigma and Golden Key National Honor Society graduate with a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems; degrees in Management for Organizational Effectiveness, Human Development, English and Marketing; certificates in Total Quality Management, System Dynamics and Defense Acquisition Management; and is—among other modalities—a Reiki Master, student of Ageless Wisdom, and a continuous seeker of higher truth. With her partner David, Alex has pursued a rigorous research agenda across multi-disciplines that have resulted in hundreds of papers, journal articles and book chapters, and dozens of books. In 2004 she and her partner David published a new theory of the firm based on the Intelligent Complex Adaptive System model for organizations. She also published the foundational books: The Course of Knowledge: a 21st Century Theory; Decision-Making in the New Reality: Complexity, Knowledge and Knowing; Knowledge Mobilization in the Social Sciences and Humanities: Moving from Research to Action; and Leading with the Future in Mind: Knowledge and Emergent Leadership. She is the primary author of The Profundity and Bifurcation of Change five-book series and follow-on 22-volume Conscious Look Book series Possibilities that are YOU! based on the human developmental journey of which we are all a part. Continuing her lifelong journey of learning, expanding and sharing, Alex believes in the multidimensionality and interconnectedness of humanity as we move out of infancy into full consciousness.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Seeking Global Coherence—The Waxing and Waning of Trust in Government Media
  • “Coherency” Alternative to the “Singularity”—Coherent Heart Entrainment
  • Dramatic Premise and Human Purpose—Has First Cause Intention and Democratic Rule of Law Been Trumped?
  • The Collective Unconscious and the Media Sphere—An Esoteric Analysis of the Disinformation Crisis Facing Western Civilisation
  • Seeking Truth—The Shifting Context of a New Reality
  • The Danger Social Media Poses to National Sovereignty and Global Security
  • Approaching the Invisible—Beyond Materialism
  • Influencing the Collective Mind—Techniques for Influencing the Overmind Entity of Humanity
  • Feeling, Seeing, and Thinking—Expanding Heart-Mind Sensitivity Entrainment
  • The Cognitive-Sentient Exploration of Mediated Reality—From Proto-Cognition/Epigenetic Informational Processes to Big Data-Assisted Prediction
  • Desire—Life as a Drama Based Game or the Thermodynamics of Everything
  • The Collision of the Experiential and Existential in the Brain/Heart-Mind/Soul Continuum
  • Transreal Numbers and Sentient Logic
  • Current Science and the Black Hole Connection—You Can Check Out Anytime You Like, but You May Never Leave
  • The Dance of Aurora—Media Priestesses and Auric Fields
  • The Cranio-Sacral Approach for Defining Embodied “Coherence”
  • Does the Algorithm Heal a Company Organization?
  • Counter-Hacking the Subconscious Mind—Antidote for Faulty Human Perceptions from the Media Sphere
  • Gamers as Homeopathic Media Therapy—Electromagnetic Antibodies in the Toxic Media Field
  • Afterword
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Compilation of References