Healthcare Management and Economics: Perspectives on Public and Private Administration

  • 7h 18m
  • Mika Markus Merviö (ed)
  • IGI Global
  • 2013

The long-standing debate on public vs. private healthcare systems has forced an examination of these organizations, in particular whether these approaches play corresponding or conflicting roles in service to global citizens.

Healthcare Management and Economics: Perspectives on Public and Private Administration discusses public and private healthcare organizations by gathering perspectives on the differences in service, management, delivery, and efficiency. Highlighting the impact of citizens and information technology in these healthcare processes, this book is a vital collection of research for practitioners, academics, and scholars in the healthcare management field.

About the Editor

Mika Markus Merviö is Professor of International Relations at the Kibi International University, Okayama, Japan. Previously, worked at the University of Tampere, Finland, from 1983-1995, where he also received his PhD (International Relations). Then he moved to the International Christian University, Tôkyô, Japan as a JSPS researcher and from there to the Miyazaki International University and the University of Shimane, where he worked as a Professor. Since 2000 he has been working at the Kibi International University. His research interests include political and social issues, history, art, and environment.

In this Book

  • Stakeholders' Expectations on Health Services: In Search of an Assessment Model of Performance
  • Changing Health Care from Inside Out: Policy Entrepreneur Questioning Ophthalmology Service Production in Finland
  • Comparative Study between Japan and the UK on Shifting the Third Sector–Government Relationships
  • Participative Typologies: A Comparative Study Asmong Health Councils in Montevideo, Uruguay and Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Regulating Patients' Access to Healthcare Services
  • The Politics of Health Finance Reform in Hong Kong
  • Outsourced Health Care Services: Experiences and Positions of Medical Staff
  • Salami Slicing a Role for Private Providers: The Carve-Up of Europe's Health Services
  • Healthcare Providers in the English National Health Service: Public, Private or Hybrids?
  • Employees' Perceptions on Organisational Justice, Job Control and Job Demands: Do Ownership and Human Resource Management Practices Matter?
  • How Would a Ban on Prescriber-Identifying Information Impact Pharmaceutical Marketing?
  • The Hybridized Nature of America's Health Care System: Medicare as a Case of both Market and Public Failure
  • Primary Health Services Utilization and Inequality: The Emerging Symbiotic Public/Private Model in Hong Kong
  • Risk Society and the Hybris of Modern Japanese State/Society
  • Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Crisis in 2011 with Gender View
  • Women and Health in Japan: The Rise and Obstacles of Gender and Sex-Specific Medicine
  • DV Laws in Japan: The Next Steps in the Journey of a Thousand Miles
  • Making Sense of the Best Interest of Children in Vulnerable Family Relationships