I Hate Presentations: Transform the Way You Present with a Fresh and Powerful Approach

  • 2h 39m
  • James Caplin
  • John Wiley & Sons (UK)
  • 2008

Are you confident that you know what you want to achieve with your next presentation? Do you know for sure what your audience wants from it? Are you absolutely certain your presentation will deliver - both for you, and your audience?

In this practical book you will discover a completely new way to prepare yourself for a presentation. Packed with real life examples and case studies, at times laugh out loud, it will show you how to do presentations that deliver, for you, your audiences, your team, your business.

Surprise everyone, perhaps especially yourself, by becoming an excellent and relaxed presenter.

About the Author

James Caplin is a certified, executive coach, and an expert at communicating. his highly successful courses have transformed the experience of presenting in businesses and other organisations for over two decades. He works with individuals and groups in businesses, teleclasses and workshops.

In this Book

  • I Hate Presentations—Transform the Way You Present with a Fresh and Powerful Approach
  • Introduction
  • About Presentations
  • Goal
  • Outline
  • Elaborate
  • Refine
  • On the Day
  • In an Emergency
  • The Truth about Presentations
  • Afterword
  • Final Thought


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