Powerful Presentations

  • 2h 34m
  • Stephen Haunts
  • Apress
  • 2022

Unlock your potential and understand how you can have an audience hanging on to your every word. Entrepreneurs and business professionals often have to pitch their products and projects to an audience - whether at a conference stage, meetup group, to VC firms or even at the office to their peers and leaders. Through this book, you will learn how to plan, rehearse, and deliver the perfect presentation for your needs.

You'll review different presentation styles, how to craft and structure a talk and how to make it engaging for the audience. If you've ever wondered how you can be chosen to speak at a conference, this book will show you how and go in depth on how to craft a winning talk synopsis and proposal to stand out over the competition. You'll also examine many other details that go into giving a presentation such as face and hand gesturing, pre-performance rituals like visualization techniques, time management , addressing technical difficulties, preparing for question-and-answer sessions, gathering feedback, the differences between in person events and online talks/webinars and how to mold your presentation to the medium.

Powerful Presentations will show you how to perfect your public speaking and presentation skills.

You will:

  • Explore the design and structure of presentations that retain an audience’s attention
  • Prepare for a talk, including rehearsal, but also failure contingency planning for things like projectors, Wi-Fi, demo failure, etc.
  • Review all of the useful tools and services available to help you develop and deliver a great presentation

About the Author

Stephen lives with his wife and two children in rural Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. Stephen is a trainer and writer, specializing in helping individuals, and teams excel at becoming the best versions of themselves. He specializes in helping teams transition to Agile practices, as well as coaching productivity, creativity, innovation, and self-motivation.

Stephen is also an accomplished public speaker who has travelled the world, delivering talks at large conferences, and private companies. Stephen loves nothing more than being on a stage, in an enormous hall, and educating people on various subjects like entrepreneurship, creativity, productivity, self-motivation, and procrastination & focus. Stephen also regularly coaches and mentors new and aspiring public speakers.For fun, Stephen likes to go hiking in the British countryside, composes electronic ambient music, and writes children’s fiction.

In this Book

  • Why Public Speaking Is an Important Skill
  • Writing Engaging Presentations
  • Writing a Synopsis to Draw in Your Audience
  • Preparing to Give a Talk
  • Delivering the Talk


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