Implementing and Continually Improving IT Governance

  • 1h 26m
  • 2009

As management increasingly recognizes IT governance as an essential part of enterprise governance and as the impact of legislation and regulations continues to grow the need for effective IT systems that deliver value and mitigate risk has never been greater.

Replacing the popular IT Governance Implementation Guide, this publication assists enterprises in establishing and sustaining an effective approach to governing IT.

New features include Risk IT-related content as well as typical pain points that new or improved IT governance practices can help solve, including outsourcing service delivery problems and business frustration with failed initiatives.

Implementing and Continually Improving IT Governance is based on a life cycle of continuous improvement. In addition to describing the steps that need to be considered and undertaken to progress an IT governance initiative, this guide identifies trigger events that indicate the need for better governance, as well as implementation challenges enterprises might face. It also describes how to use COBIT, Val IT and Risk IT components for critical support.

Business executives and business and IT managers will find this guide particularly useful as they define, plan, execute and continually improve an effective IT governance initiative.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Positioning IT Governance
  • Taking the First Step towards IT Governance
  • Idennfytng Implementation Challenges and Success Factors
  • Enabling Change
  • Implementing Continual Improvement
  • Using the COBIT, Val IT and Risk IT Components