Influencing Shopper Decisions: Unleash the Power of Your Brand to Win Customers

  • 3h 49m
  • Devora Rogers, Rebecca Brooks
  • Kogan Page
  • 2022

Should I advertise on TV? Is print dead? Should I work with an influencer? Should I promote my product through Facebook and Instagram ads? What about TikTok? How do brands get shoppers to say "yes" in an increasingly complex, fragmented and fast-changing world?

Constant change, rapid innovation, category disruptors, rising shopper expectations and new access to goods and services have made consumers and shoppers incredibly adept at wading through oceans of research and information. Before making a purchase decision, your brand's target consumer is a shopper. With more choices than ever before, shoppers are becoming increasingly promiscuous, opening themselves up to new brands, products and shopping channels. In Influencing Shopper Decisions, the authors are market researchers who reveal how brands can help shoppers say "yes" by better understanding consumer decision-making.

By tracking the evolution of the shopper mindset from the First Moment of Truth to Google's infamous ZMOT, the authors outline a new paradigm for shopping behavior that focuses on shopper needs, priorities and context. Whether you're a CPG brand marketer, digital media company or small business owner, Influencing Shopper Decisions provides an unparalleled understanding of the shopper mindset and the keys to unlocking it. After explaining the forces that drive consumer decision-making, the authors outline key insights and strategies that marketers can use to maintain relevancy and grow engagement with consumers.

About the Author

Rebecca Brooks is Founder and CEO of Alter Agents, a marketing analysis and brand management firm and is based in in Pasadena, California. She speaks regularly at Insights and ESOMAR conferences, and writes for, AdAge, Insights Association, Chief Marketer and the American Marketing Association.

Devora Rogers is Chief Strategy Officer at Alter Agents and is based in Los Angeles, California. She works with dozens of global brands including Snapchat, Activision, Nespresso, Bose, Schwab and Fortune Brands, and is a regular public speaker at industry events. She gave a TedX talk on the Future of Shopping and Retail.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Redefining the Shopper Journey for the First Time
  • The Hidden Danger of Brand Narcissism
  • The Age of Shopper Promiscuity
  • The Shopper DIAL
  • Source Usage—A New Metric for Changing Shopper Behavior
  • Net Influence—Revealing the True ROI
  • Other New Metrics for Guiding Decision Making
  • Redefining Brand Tracking
  • Unlocking Hidden Shopper Insights Through Agile Neuroscience
  • The Evolution of Shopper Values
  • The Covid Inflection Point
  • Strategies for Change