Influential Internal Communication: Streamline Your Corporate Communication to Drive Efficiency and Engagement

  • 3h 35m
  • Jenni Field
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

Streamline your organization's communication with the powerful and easy-to-follow methodology presented in this book, featuring insight from experts including Simon Sinek and Brené Brown. Better communication will mean better business practice company-wide as well as increased employee engagement, happier clients and customers, and stronger profits.

As the title suggests, Influential Internal Communication proves just how influential internal communications (IC) is, and the measurable impact it has on an organization's growth. For many organizations, IC often slips down the list of priorities when there are high pressure, high stakes business situations to cope with. This causes a sense of chaos and confusion within the organization that will - eventually - permeate to external customers and clients. Influential Internal Communication presents a clear, adaptable methodology that will help readers understand, diagnose and fix their own communication challenges, thereby transforming the chaos into calm.

Backed up with data and statistics from industry reports on workplace culture, Influential Internal Communication is based on The Field Model and draws on research with CEO's, some of the best insights into people, organisations and chaos. The theory is backed up with real world case studies, showing how chaos can impact a range of organizations of varying size and industry. Written by the 2020 President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), Influential Internal Communication will streamline any organization's IC practices, and help to drive engagement, efficiency and profit across the board.

About the Author

Jenni Field has nearly 20 years' experience in communications and is based in Berkshire, UK. She has worked at Director level for numerous organizations including the global pharmaceutical company Perrigo. Jenni Field was the 2020 President of the CIPR, and is both Chartered and a fellow of the Institute. She has been quoted by The Times, Raconteur and listed on the Institute of IC's 30 under 30, and Inspiring Workplaces top 101 influencers in employee engagement. She now runs her own consultancy, Redefining Communications, and speaks regularly for organisations and at industry events.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Internal Communication
  • Without Communication There is Chaos
  • Understanding Organizations and Leadership
  • Understanding People
  • The Field Model—How to Go from Chaos to Calm in Your Organization
  • Data and Diagnostics—The Fundamentals to Make Sense of the Challenges
  • The Fix—How to Make Changes That Last
  • Applying the Model and Making it Work for the Long Term
  • Conclusion—The Steps to Take to Create Influential Internal Communication