Introduction to Aircraft Flight Mechanics: Performance, Static Stability, Dynamic Stability, and Classical Feedback Control

  • 11h 34m
  • Thomas R. Yechout, et al.
  • AIAA
  • 2003

This new textbook is based on a successful 15-year approach to teaching aircraft flight mechanics at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Intended for junior-level students presented with the material for the first time, the book clearly explains all the concepts and derivations of equations for aircraft flight mechanics. The material progresses through aircraft performance, static stability, aircraft dynamic stability, and feedback control. The chapters present real world applications and contain problems.

Each year the Academy's students are placed with industry, NASA, and Air Force labs and test organizations during the summer immediately following their junior year. The hosts are asked to provide feedback on how well the students are prepared in the fields of flight mechanics and aerodynamics. Each year, the student reviews are outstanding, illustrating the excellent quality of the authors' approach.

In this Book

  • A Review of Basic Aerodynamics
  • A Review of Basic Propulsion
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Aircraft Equations of Motion
  • Aircraft Static Stability
  • Linearizing the Equations of Motion
  • Aircraft Dynamic Stability
  • Classical Feedback Control
  • Aircraft Stability and Control Augmentation
  • Special Topics
  • Bibliography