It's All About Relationships: What ITIL Doesn't Tell You

  • 1h 46m
  • Kathy S. Mills, S. D. Van Hove
  • IT Governance
  • 2013

A unique holistic approach to ITIL in the real world

As more companies begin an adopt/adapt initiative based on ITIL guidance, they quickly realize that looking at single processes in isolation is not enough. To benefit fully from the framework, companies have to look at the relationships between processes, understanding upstream and downstream impacts.

However, advice on using this approach has not been readily available … until now.

Manage ITIL like never before

Practical, sensible and sound advice from industry experts

The authors bring together their extensive practical experience to provide a guide written for IT professionals, ITSM practitioners, Service Owners and Process Owners, university students, and in fact anyone working to adopt the ITIL framework or needing a deeper understanding of its interfaces.

About the Authors

Dr Suzanne D. Van Hove, founder and CEO of SED-IT, is currently managing the consultancy and education programs of the 15-year-old Service Management-based company. Previous life experiences were focused in the educational profession – teaching at all levels, from kindergarten through post-doctoral programs. Working in the educational and sports industries has been a perfect segue to Service Management – it is all about performance! One would be hard pressed to find a professional vertical she has not touched. Dr Van Hove holds degrees from Boston University, Ithaca College, and DePauw University and certifications in ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000.

Dr Van Hove continues to be active in itSMF USA (Knowledge Management portfolio owner, 2009–2012) as well as within the international community. A frequent international speaker and co-writer of priSM® (Professional Recognition for IT Service Management), she is an advocate for professionalism within Service Management and the inclusion of Service Management in higher education programs.

Kathy S. Mills is currently working for a Fortune 100 company as the Service Planning Manager. With 18 years of experience working in IT, she has served in various customer and service oriented environments. Kathy has been responsible for building and implementing plans for taking the ITIL best practice and identifying a multi-year implementation plan. The combination of her experience, her Masters in Organizational Development (University of Phoenix), and her eight years of corporate training, provides the unique perspective of understanding the technical needs and the human factor of adapting change into the standards and outputs of the company.

Her experience ranges from consulting with the federal government and US military, as well as working in international non-profit and Fortune 100 companies. Kathy, along with her husband and two children have lived in San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, and the DC area.

In this Book

  • Service Strategy (SS)
  • Service Design (SD)
  • Service Transition (ST)
  • Service Operation (SO)
  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI)
  • Process Work Products