JMP 12 Quality and Process Methods

  • 3h 12m
  • SAS Institute
  • SAS Institute
  • 2015

JMP 12 Quality and Process Methods describes tools for evaluating and improving processes. The book begins by discussing creating control charts, which let you visualize process measurements over time, quantify common cause variation, and identify special cause variation. Details about estimating your process capability based on measurement systems analysis studies are included. Lastly, the book discusses Pareto plots and cause-and-effect diagrams to identify root causes of variability.

In this Book

  • Learn about JMP—Documentation and Additional Resources
  • Introduction to Quality and Process Methods—Tools for Process and Product Improvement
  • Control Chart Builder—Create Control Charts Interactively
  • Shewhart Control Charts—Create Variable and Attribute Control Charts
  • Cumulative Sum Control Charts—Detect Small Shifts in the Process Mean
  • Multivariate Control Charts—Monitor Multiple Process Characteristics Simultaneously
  • Measurement Systems Analysis—Evaluate a Continuous Measurement Process Using the EMP Method
  • Variability Gauge Charts—Evaluate a Continuous Measurement Process Using Gauge R&R
  • Attribute Gauge Charts—Evaluate a Categorical Measurement Process Using Agreement Measures
  • Process Capability—Measure the Variability of a Process over Time
  • Capability Analysis—Evaluate the Ability of a Process to Meet Specifications
  • Pareto Plots—Focus Improvement Efforts on the Vital Few
  • Cause-and-Effect Diagrams—Identify Root Causes