Kubernetes Native Development: Develop, Build, Deploy, and Run Applications on Kubernetes

  • 4h 31m
  • Maximilian Dargatz, ​Benjamin Schmeling
  • Apress
  • 2022

Building applications for Kubernetes is both a challenge and an opportunity—a challenge because the options and complexity to develop for Kubernetes are evolving rapidly, an opportunity because, if done right, your applications will go into production quicker, scale easier, and run smoother. This book outlines the impact of Containers and Kubernetes on modern software development and discusses the application frameworks to pick from, how to design an application, and how to develop for and on Kubernetes. You are guided through the application life cycle: development, build, and deployment into the runtime phase. In each phase, you see how it ties to Kubernetes and how to leverage its manifold capabilities. Applications will be more lightweight, easier to maintain, and simpler to operate by just focusing on the business logic.

This book provides a strong technical foundation in modern software development and operations. Practical examples show you how to apply the concepts and teach you the full potential of Kubernetes.

What You Will Learn

  • Get hands-on experience developing, building, and deploying software to Kubernetes
  • Develop your software to get the best out of Kubernetes
  • Focus on business logic while leveraging Kubernetes services
  • Design application components of different granularity from application server-based services to lightweight services
  • Automate deployments and Day 2 operations

About the Author

Benjamin Schmeling is an IT professional with more than 15 years of experience in developing, building, and deploying Java-based software. Today, he works as a solution architect for Red Hat, with a passion for the design and implementation of cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes-based container platforms.

Maximilian Dargatz has been working in the IT industry for more than 10 years and consults clients on their journey to modernize applications for containers and Kubernetes. He currently works for IBM as a solution architect, working with large German clients on their cloud adoption and how to apply DevOps concepts.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • The Impact of Kubernetes on Development
  • Application Design Decisions
  • Developing on and with Kubernetes
  • Writing Kubernetes-Native Applications
  • Kubernetes-Native Pipelines
  • Operations as Code with Kubernetes Operators and GitOps



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