Landing Page Optimization For Dummies

  • 6h 33m
  • Martin Harwood, Mike Harwood
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2009

Turn landing pages into profits with the right tools

Successful landing pages don't happen by accident, they follow a carefully crafted formula. If you want to convert visitors to your site into sales, it's crucial to understand how to design, monitor, and maintain your landing page. This straightforward, plain-English guide shows you how to cover all the bases-from the visual layout, to using language effectively, to linking strategies, and more. The book is packed with practical tips and techniques, it also identifies common mistakes and pitfalls you should avoid.

  • Discover the power of language and how to use it as a call to action
  • Start predicting customer browsing behavior
  • Diagnose current problems with your landing page
  • Create a unified marketing message between the search engine result and landing page
  • Examine common optimization approaches
  • Master specific tools for tracking results and follow strict maintenance procedures

If you want to make your landing page more appealing, this book provides clear, hands-on explanations and information that you can put to use immediately.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Introducing Landing Page Optimization
  • Understanding Online Marketing Basics
  • Preparing for Your Landing Page
  • Identifying Key Landing Page Elements
  • The “Best Practices” of Landing Page Aesthetics
  • Writing for Landing Pages
  • Building Customer Trust
  • Getting to Know Your Audience
  • Meeting Your Visitors' Expectations
  • Improving Customer Communications
  • Understanding E-Commerce and Closing Online Sales
  • Fine-Tuning Your Landing Page
  • Using Keywords Effectively
  • Understanding Search Engine Marketing
  • Driving Traffic with Ads, Articles, and other Tricks
  • Paying for Your Clicks
  • Running a Google PPC Campaign
  • Ten-Point Landing Page Inspection
  • Ten Surefire Ways to Increase Conversion Rates