Lead 4 Success: Learn the Essentials of True Leadership

  • 2h 55m
  • George Hallenbeck
  • Center for Creative Leadership
  • 2017

Lead 4 Success sets your development as a leader on the right track, focusing on the four fundamental skills that fuel the thoughts and drive the actions of leaders who make a difference: SELF-AWARENESS-understanding who you are and what you have to offer, LEARNING AGILITY-the capability to absorb new information,process it, and use it to meet new challenges quickly and decisively, COMMUNICATION-the ability to establish shared understanding and convey a vision for the future INFLUENCE-the power to persuade others to act on that vision. Each of those essential skills is comprised of other skills. You will learn about all of them in Lead 4 Success. To ensure the success of your leadership journey, use this book as a guide. Its tools and ideas will help you develop and put into practice the skills that you need to demonstrate true leadership.

About the Author

George works at CCL as Director, Commercialization where he leads an innovation platform called All-Access Leadership, focused on enhancing, re-imagining and creating product offerings that empower and enable clients to deliver and experience CCL’s intellectual property in ways that match their needs and strategies.

Prior to CCL, George joined Lominger International, which was later acquired by Korn/Ferry. Over the course of almost 8 years, he had an opportunity to guide the evolution and enhancement of several of the products originally created by Mike Lombardo and Bob Eichinger including Voices, FYI, Interview Architect and Choices. He also led the creation of several new products, especially in the area of learning agility. George finished his career at Korn/Ferry as the VP for Intellectual Property Development, where he was responsible for the strategic development of research-based products and solutions across all lines of Korn/Ferry business including Leadership & Talent Consulting and Executive Search.

George began his career in consulting and has been fortunate to stay active in client work throughout his career. He enjoys the opportunity to gain first-hand insight into clients’ needs and partner with them on developing innovative solutions with the potential to inspire new product ideas. An extended assignment in Singapore gave him the opportunity to gain insight into key leadership and talent issues in the APAC region and provided many lessons in learning from experience.

George has authored or co-authored 8 books including FYI for Learning Agility and Learning Agility: Unlock the Lessons of Experience, and has another forthcoming book as well. He has written numerous white papers and journal articles, as well as pieces for publications such as BusinessWeek Online and CLO Magazine. He regularly participates in other thought leadership efforts including speaking engagements, webcasts and blogging.

George earned a B.A. in Psychology from Colby College and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction—The Journey Awaits—The Opportunity of Experience
  • The Three Fundamental Truths of Experience-Driven Leadership
  • The Four Essential Skills for Experience-Driven Leadership
  • Applying the Fundamentals—The Experience-Driven Leadership Model
  • Cultivating Leadership Wisdom
  • Internalizing the Lessons of Experience
  • Assessing Your Leadership Reputation
  • Sensemaking—Learning in the Moment
  • Applying the Lessons of Experience
  • Engaging in Active Listening
  • Gathering Ongoing Feedback
  • Delivering Ongoing Feedback
  • Mapping Your Leadership Identity
  • Demonstrating Political Savvy
  • Establishing Your Leadership Brand
  • Communicating Your Vision
  • Selling Yourself (Without Selling Out!)
  • Building and Maintaining Trust
  • Leveraging Your Network
  • Seeking Experience
  • The Journey Continues—Your Path to Becoming an Experience-Driven Leader


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