Leading by Weak Signals: Using Small Data to Master Complexity

  • 3h 38m
  • Mark Lambertz, Peter Gomez
  • De Gruyter Inc
  • 2023

Master complex problems and face radical uncertainty by unleashing the power of small data

Is your business using data to its optimum potential? In complicated well-structured problem situations, executives rely on Big Data. However, when faced with complexity and uncertainty they are challenged to skillfully handle Small Data. Leading by Weak Signals argues that impending dangers, new business opportunities or innovative ideas may be missed when data are classified as simply not "big enough."

This insightful book with its new approach initiates a radical shift in perspective from running the business to changing the business. While Big Data are very well suited to run a business efficiently, Small Data lay open phenomena which are connected to transforming a company, like inflection points, scale changes, or critical transitions.

The authors present practical business examples and an 8-step framework to implement their ideas in teams and on the individual level. This offers reflective practitioners a guideline for leveraging the enormous potential of weak signals for effective strategy development and operational execution in times of uncertainty – and gives them the competitive edge they need to succeed.

  • A science- and evidence-based framework for reflective practitioners
  • A wide range of examples from managerial practice in a variety of organizations
  • Newly developed tools for application in teams and on the individual level

About the Author

Peter Gomez is Professor Emeritus for Strategy and Organization at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He was the Rector of his University and President of the Swiss Stock Exchange SIX. He has published widely on Leadership in a Complex World, Systems Thinking in Corporate Practice, and Managing for Public Value.

Mark Lambertz is a Digital Native of the first hour since he learned to program with his first Apple computer at the age of 12. In 1995, he founded one of the first digital agencies in Germany and sold it after 20 years. Today he applies his technological and organizational knowledge in an international company as a transformation manager in the mobility sector headquarters of Robert Bosch GmbH. His focus lies on the Viable System Model, which enables a holistic view of organizations' culture, processes, roles, and value creation.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Prologue
  • Mastering Complexity: The Emerging Shift to Small Data
  • Detecting Weak Signals and Their Underlying Patterns
  • Crafting “Leading indicators” and their narratives
  • Navigating for Impact: Weak Signals in Action
  • Anchoring the Weak Signal Spirit