Liquid Legal: Transforming Legal into a Business Savvy, Information Enabled and Performance Driven Industry

  • 10h 32m
  • Dierk Schindler, Kai Jacob, Roger Strathausen
  • Springer
  • 2017

This book compels the legal profession to question its current identity and to aspire to become a strategic partner for corporate executives, clients and stakeholders, transforming legal into a function that creates incremental value. It provides a uniquely broad range of forward-looking perspectives from several different key-players in the legal industry: in-house legal, law firms, LPO’s, legal tech, HR, associations and academia. This publication is a platform for leading legal professionals that offers a new perspective on the accelerating transformation in legal. Combining expert contributions with editorial insights, it argues that the new legal function will shift from a paradigm of security to one of opportunity; that future corporate lawyers will no longer primarily be negotiators, litigators and administrators, but that instead they will be coaches, arbiters and intrapreneurs; that legal knowledge and data-based services will become a commodity; and that analytics and measurement will be key drivers of the future of the profession. A must-read for all legal professionals, this book sets the course for revitalizing the profession.

About the Authors

Kai Jacob is Head of Global Contract Management Service, SAP SE, and Board-Member of IACCM.

Dierk Schindler is Head of Legal Field EMEA & Worldwide Contract Management NetApp. A PhD in law from University of Augsburg, Dr. Schindler also lectures at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), Austria and Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany.

Roger Strathausen, Ph.D. Stanford University, is a Consultant and Lecturer at Technical University (TU) Berlin and HWR Berlin. Dr. Strathausen was also an executive at Accenture.

In this Book

  • Foreword—Bridging the Gap—The New Legal
  • Foreword—Creating Your Path—Building towards Liquid Legal
  • Foreword—Need a Lawyer? Use a Robot Instead!
  • Introduction—“Run Legal as a Business!”
  • Masters of Ambiguity—How Legal Can Lead the Business
  • Globalization and the Changing Role of General Counsel—Current Trends and Future Scenarios
  • Legal Advisor–Service Provider–Business Partner—Shifting the Mindset of Corporate Lawyers
  • Shifting Client Expectations of Law Firms—Morphing Law Firms into Managed Services Providers
  • Legal Process Outsourcing—Redefining the Legal Services Delivery Model
  • LegalTech on the Rise—Technology Changes Legal Work Behaviours, but Does Not Replace its Profession
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—Run Legal with Business Metrics—Will the Legal of the Future Measure Everything it Does?
  • The Legal Entrepreneur—When Do Corporate Lawyers Act Entrepreneurially?
  • A Rose by Any other Name Would Smell as Sweet—The New Legal Pro-Occupations in the Construction Sector
  • Liquid Legal—Organization 4.0—Using Legal Competency for Building Fluid & Innovation-Driven Structures
  • Change Management for Lawyers—What Legal Management Can Learn from Business Management
  • The Legal Department—From Business Enabler to Business Creator
  • Legal Tech Will Radically Change the Way SMEs Handle Legal—How SMEs Can Run Legal as Effectively and Professionally as Large Corporations
  • The Value of Everything—How to Measure and Deliver Legal Value?
  • The Value Add of Legal Departments in Disputes—Making a Business Case Rather than Providing Pure Legal Advise
  • The Future of In-House Legal Departments and Their Impact on the Legal Market—Four Theses for General Counsels, and One for Law Firms
  • Procurement of Legal Services—How Customers Professionally Procure Legal Services Today
  • CLOC—Joining Forces to Drive Transformation in Legal—Bringing Together the Legal Ecosystem
  • Legal Information Management (LIM) Strategy—How to Transform a Legal Department
  • Technology is Changing the Way Legal Works—A Look at How Technology is Driving Better Business Practices in Legal
  • Look to the Moon—Managing and Monitoring the Legal Function
  • Building a Legal Department in a Metrics-Driven World—A Guide to Finding the Best Candidates for the Legal Departments of the Future
  • Business-Friendly Contracting—How Simplification and Visualization Can Help Bring it to Practice
  • Running the Legal Department with Business Discipline—Applying Business Best Practices to the Corporate Legal Function
  • LIQUID LEGAL Manifesto—Changing the State of Aggregation in Legal