Living in the USA, Sixth Edition

  • 4h 29m
  • Alison R. Lanier, Jef C. Davis (eds)
  • Nicholas Brealey Publishing
  • 2005

Now in its fifth edition, this book offers practical, "how-to" advice on settling in and finding one's way about in the United States, along with interpretations of American lifestyles that help make the foreigner's first encounters easier and more comprehensible.

Living in the U.S.A. is widely used in ESL classrooms and by corporations, as well as by international organizations and other governmental and nongovernmental agencies. Sprinkled with American idioms, this book is a delightful way to both teach American English and orient the newcomer to life in the U.S.

In this Book

  • First Impressions
  • Dominant U.S. American Values
  • American Cocultures
  • American Social Life
  • American Civic Life
  • American Religious Life
  • American Family Life
  • American Business Life
  • Getting Here
  • Money and Banking
  • Medical Care
  • Safety and Emergencies
  • Food and Food Customs
  • Staying in Touch with People
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Shopping: Getting the Most for Your Money
  • Household Help and Care of Young Children
  • Educating Your Children
  • Raising Teenagers
  • Finding Friends and Having Fun
  • Twenty-First-Century Issues
  • Endnotes
  • Internet Resources