LTE Optimization Engineering Handbook

  • 12h 17m
  • Xincheng Zhang
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2018

A comprehensive resource containing the operating principles and key insights of LTE networks performance optimization

LTE Optimization Engineering Handbook is a comprehensive reference that describes the most current technologies and optimization principles for LTE networks. The text offers an introduction to the basics of LTE architecture, services and technologies and includes details on the key principles and methods of LTE optimization and its parameters. In addition, the author clarifies different optimization aspects such as wireless channel optimization, data optimization, CSFB, VoLTE, and video optimization.

With the ubiquitous usage and increased development of mobile networks and smart devices, LTE is the 4G network that will be the only mainstream technology in the current mobile communication system and in the near future. Designed for use by researchers, engineers and operators working in the field of mobile communications and written by a noted engineer and experienced researcher, the LTE Optimization Engineering Handbook provides an essential guide that:

  • Discusses the latest optimization engineering technologies of LTE networks and explores their implementation
  • Features the latest and most industrially relevant applications, such as VoLTE and HetNets
  • Includes a wealth of detailed scenarios and optimization real-world case studies

Professionals in the field will find the LTE Optimization Engineering Handbook to be their go-to reference that includes a thorough and complete examination of LTE networks, their operating principles, and the most current information to performance optimization.

About the Author

XINCHENG ZHANG is a Professor and Engineer with more than 20 years' experience in wireless communications and is a technical expert for one of China's largest telecom companies, China Mobile Group Design Institute Co., Ltd.

In this Book

  • LTE Basement
  • LTE Optimization Principle and Method
  • Coverage Optimization
  • Capacity Optimization
  • Internal Interference Optimization
  • Drop Call Optimization
  • Latency Optimization
  • Mobility Optimization
  • Traffic Model of Smartphone and Optimization
  • Circuit Switched Fallback Optimization
  • VoLTE Optimization
  • PRACH Optimization
  • Physical Cell ID Optimization
  • Tracking Areas Optimization
  • Uplink Signal Optimization
  • HetNet Optimization
  • QoE Evaluation and Optimization Strategy
  • Signaling-Based Optimization
  • Glossary of Acronyms
  • References
  • Colour Section


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