Lukaszewski On Crisis Communication: What Your CEO Needs to Know About Reputation Risk and Crisis Management

  • 7h 12m
  • James E. Lukaszewski
  • Rothstein Associates
  • 2013

In this industry-defining book on crisis management and leadership recovery, nationally recognized crisis expert and strategist, Jim Lukaszewski jump starts the conversation and taps into four decades of professional expertise to clearly differentiate a crisis from other business interruption events.

Introducing the often overlooked concept of managing the victim dimension of crisis, Lukaszewski delivers one of the most important resources for executives, business leaders, and business educators to prepare for, survive, and perhaps even improve their reputation during the explosive visibility that come during a crisis.

With his common-sense approach, Lukaszewski explains what a crisis is, how and why to respond in likely scenarios, and how to build a crisis management plan and deploy it across various platforms.

Delivered in his straight-talking style backed with compelling case studies, Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication is your guide to preparing for a crisis and the inevitable visibility that results. In 10 chapters of field-tested how-tos, Lukaszewski teaches you to:

  • Differentiate between a crisis and a disaster;
  • Understand what makes a person or group a victim;
  • Effectively manage people including your own employees with compassion, fairness, and honesty;
  • Accelerate legal settlements and energize attorneys and other legal entities to cooperate;
  • Implement powerful alternative approaches to dealing with and managing the media, activists, and antagonists.

Lukaszewski’s advice will resonate with CEOs, Board members, and senior executives in HR, risk management, and emergency response management as he stresses what happens to those who fail to be ready for crisis. The book describes patterns of good business response and gives details on what went wrong and why.

About the Author

James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, is President of the Lukaszewski Group Division of Risdall Public Relations. Jim s broad-based experience includes media-initiated investigations, product recalls, plant closings, criminal and civil litigation, and takeovers that often involve conflict, controversy, community action or activist opposition. He helps executives and leaders look at problems from a variety of sensible, constructive, principled perspectives. His popular PRSA and IABC seminars/webinars have been attended by thousands. The story of his career appears in Living Legends of American Public Relations (2008). His name was listed in Corporate Legal Times as one of 28 Experts to Call When All Hell Breaks Loose, and in PR Week as one of 22 crunch-time counselors who should be on the speed dial in a crisis.

In this Book

  • Foreword—“The Pragmatist”
  • Foreword—“The Teacher/Counselor”
  • Foreword—“The Game Changer”
  • Introduction—Common Sense at Lightning Speed
  • Defining Crisis—It's All about Victims
  • Crisis Communication—Getting Leadership Ready for Crisis
  • Crisis Communication—Preparing for Crisis and Visibility
  • Creating the Crisis Communication Plan—Components and Models
  • Crisis Communication Plan in Action—Media Relations
  • Crisis Communication Plan in Action—The Crisis News Conference
  • Crisis Communication Plan in Action—Social Media
  • Crisis Communication Plan in Action—The Activist Challenge
  • Crisis Communication Plan in Action—Litigation and Legal Issues
  • Crisis Communication—Summing up and Looking Ahead