macOS Monterey For Dummies

  • 7h 51m
  • Bob LeVitus
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021

Unlock the potential of macOS Monterey with this updated guide from "Dr. Mac" himself

Macs are famously an absolute pleasure to use. But it's even more fun discovering all the cool things a new version of macOS can do. macOS Monterey, introduced in 2021, makes the latest macOS features available to Mac users everywhere. macOS Monterey For Dummies is your personal roadmap to finding every single awesome new bell and whistle in this world-famous operating system.

You'll read about upgrades to the accessibility options, how to use Live Text to grab text from all of your photos, manage your iPhone from your Mac and vice versa, and use the new Universal Control to seamlessly transition between Apple devices.

You can also:

  • Learn how to watch TV or a movie with friends while you're on a FaceTime call
  • Explore the new "Shared With You" feature so you can access the content people send to you directly in the relevant app
  • Explore the online world with the Safari browser included with every installation of MacOS Monterey

Perfect for anyone who wants to take full advantage of the latest version of Apple's intuitive and user-friendly operating system, macOS Monterey For Dummies is the fastest, easiest way to master the newest features and the coolest capabilities included with macOS Monterey. With hundreds of pages of simple instructions and images of the macOS interface, this is the last handbook you'll need to make the most of the newest macOS.

About the Author

Bob LeVitus, better known as Dr. Mac, has been writing on all things Mac since 1996. He’s a regular contributor to technology publications and has penned over 90 how-to books on macOS, iPhone, iPad, Office for the Mac, and GarageBand.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • macOS Monterey 101 (Prerequisites—None)
  • Desktop and Windows and Menus (Oh My!)
  • What’s up, Dock?
  • Getting to Know Finder and its Desktop
  • Delving Even Deeper into Monterey’s Desktop and Finder
  • Having it Your Way
  • Opening and Saving Files
  • File and Folder Management Made Easy
  • Comprehending the macOS Clipboard
  • Five Terrific Time-Saving Tools
  • Organizing Your Life
  • Are You Siri-ous?
  • Maps are Where it’s at
  • Apps Born in iOS
  • (Inter)Networking
  • Dealing with People
  • Communicating with Mail and Messages
  • Sharing Your Mac and Liking it
  • The Musical Mac
  • The Multimedia Mac
  • Words and Letters
  • Publish or Perish—The Fail-Safe Guide to Printing
  • Features for the Way You Work
  • Safety First—Backups and other Security Issues
  • Utility Chest
  • Troubleshooting macOS
  • Ten Ways to Speed up Your Mac Experience
  • Ten Great Websites for Mac Freaks


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