Make Winning a Habit

  • 2h 59m
  • Rick Page
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2006

In today's competitive sales environment making quota is not enough. You need a strategic blueprint that will empower you to get ahead of your competition and closer to your true potential as a sales force. Rick Page, author of the bestselling Hope Is Not a Strategy and one of the most sought-after sales consultants in the world, is about to show you the way.

In Make Winning a Habit, Page identifies five universal areas of sales effectiveness-Technique, Technology, Talent, Teamwork and Trust-and demonstrates how they are applied differently to the four levels of sales strategy: Individual Skills, Opportunity Management, Account Management, and Industry/Market Messaging. The result is over 20 best practices from the top sales organizations around the world. Page then shows you how to take these practices and turn them into winning results.


  • Rate your organization with the scorecard and see how your sales efforts really stack up against the competition
  • Close the gap between what you know to do and how your organization is actually performing
  • Build a closed-loop feedback system of new sales metrics to give you perpetual sales advantage
  • Leverage yourself as a management team through more effective coaching and strategy sessions
  • Integrate your sales methodology into your forecasting system to give you greater accuracy, better coaching, and fewer unpleasant surprises

Research shows it takes an individual 21 days to form a habit. For an organization, it takes one to two years of consistent and persistent reinforcement to create organizational habits. No one has that kind of time to spend. Make Winning a Habit gives you the competitive selling edge you need-right now.

In this Book

  • Make Winning A Habit
  • Introduction
  • Managers, Tell Me Where It Hurts
  • Pathway To Perpetual Advantage
  • Defining The Scorecard
  • Talent
  • Technique
  • Teamwork
  • Technology
  • Trust
  • Transformation— Making It Stick