Make Your Moment: The Savvy Woman's Communication Playbook for Getting the Success You Want

  • 3h 48m
  • Dion Lim
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2020

In a fast-paced world where opportunities appear―and shift―at a moment’s notice, how you communicate can, quite simply, make or break your career. Your work environment today includes a diverse array of people and personalities. The ability to interact with all of them, think on your feet, and grab a good opportunity when it’s facing you is the special sauce that will help you achieve your goals.

Dion Lim has seen it all. As an Asian-American woman in the hyper-competitive, white―and male―dominated business of TV news, her career path required a powerful blend of street smarts, determination, and a willingness to learn from mistakes―all of which she learned on the job. Today, she’s an ABC anchor in one of the biggest cities in the country.

In Make Your Moment, Dion guides you through what she has learned on the career battlefield and what it means for other working women today. She’ll take you through the treacherous―and often entertaining―landscape of the modern workplace, covering virtually every situation you’re likely to experience. From the art of thinking quickly on your feet to #MeToo moments, you’ll learn how to master office politics, make online/social media dynamics (good and bad) work for you, and thrive under pressure.

Dion learned how to stay true to herself, so she could find her moment and make it, rising from a local reporter to the national stage.

Now it’s your turn.

About the Author

Dion Lim is an award-winning anchor for ABC in San Francisco. In addition to numerous awards for her storytelling, Lim’s achievements in connecting people have earned her national and international accolades. Most notably, she was named one of Broadcasting and Cable Magazine’s top 24 leaders in U.S. media under the age of 34.

In this Book

  • Reacting 101: Sounds Basic, But It's Everything
  • The Interpersonal Battlefield: Navigating the Awkward, the Unexpected, the Downright Bizarre
  • The Betta Fish: Lessons from the Workplace Fish Tank
  • The Matt Lauer Effect: Intelligent Courage
  • Survival Speak: Talking Your Way Through the Daily Minefield
  • More Than a Pickup Artist: Connect and Keep Up with Anyone and Everyone
  • Talk to the Voices in Your Head: Communicate with Yourself First, in Order to Communicate with Others
  • Optics: What's on the Outside Matters More Than You Think
  • Fail Your Way Forward: Sometimes It Takes One Step Back to Bound Light-Years Forward