Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning: Understanding Marketing Plans and Strategy, 2nd Edition

  • 1h 46m
  • Malcolm McDonald
  • Kogan Page
  • 2017

A primer for marketing professionals and students, the second edition of Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning provides a clear guide to marketing planning. Focusing on the practical application of marketing planning, this book will guide readers through the production of a marketing plan that has real world application. Key content includes defining markets and segments, setting marketing objectives and strategies, advertising and sales promotion strategies, and price and sales strategies.

With an emphasis on practicality this fully revised second edition has been thoroughly overhauled to contain new content on the essentials of marketing planning and the strategic marketing process.

About the Authors

Professor Malcolm McDonald was until recently Professor of Marketing and Deputy Director at Cranfield University School of Management, and is now Emeritus Professor at the university as well as being Honorary Professor at Warwick Business School. He has written about 40 books.

In this Book

  • Let's Get Real
  • Getting Rid of that Big Managerial Nonsense
  • Understand the Real Meaning of Customer Value
  • A Very Practical Way to Begin Planning a Profitable Future
  • Market Segmentation - Crucial to Understanding your Market and How It Works
  • What Do Our Customers Want?
  • How to Set Marketing Objectives
  • How to Set Marketing Strategies
  • A Step-by-step Strategic Planning System
  • How to Deal with Adversity