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Marketing drives organic growth in every business. Learn from basic to advanced best practices for marketing your products and services.    


Marketing: The Process and Functions that Build Customer Relationships

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    Marketing: The Process and Functions that Build Customer Relationships
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    Understanding the Role of Marketing
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Marketing: The Process and Functions that Build Customer Relationships
Successful marketing is about optimizing relationships with your customers. That not only includes the value you offer them, but the value you get from them in return. Businesses apply best practices in marketing to find and better understand their customers, to inform how they can most effectively advertise, and to stand out from their competition. In this course, you'll learn about the key role of modern marketing and how companies effectively plan their marketing strategies. You'll gain understanding of how market segments are determined, how customers are targeted, and how organizations reach their customers. Finally, you'll learn the ways that digital marketing resources like social media can positively impact business marketing efforts.
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Creating Brands through People and Planning
People don’t buy products. They buy brands. Who creates brands? People. How do they do it? Through proper marketing research and planning. The traditional marketing mix emphasizes the four P’s: product, price, place, and promotion. However, this fails to address two other important aspects of marketing: planning and people. Planning and people are vital to any marketing effort. Marketing planning guides how marketing is carried out, so it’s imperative that it is informed and comprehensive. And because employees impact the marketing mix so strongly, it’s equally important to ensure they understand and support the company’s marketing actions. In this course, you'll learn about the types of people needed to create and support strong brands. You’ll become familiar with internal branding and the importance of engaging employees as brand ambassadors. You’ll also learn about how strategic and tactical planning are employed for conducting effective and cohesive marketing research that will inform digital marketing efforts. Finally, you'll learn about the factors that contribute to an integrated marketing communication plan.
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The Four Ps: Essential Factors in Marketing
To bring a product or service to market successfully, a marketer needs to understand a broad set of tools and concepts. Guided by customer insights, marketers position their offerings in the marketplace and in the buyer’s mind. They use the marketing communication techniques of advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing, and public relations to build brands and enhance perceived value. This course explains how a product or brand manager uses detailed knowledge of their customers to influence design of the offering, to manage pricing and distribution channels, and to plan and execute a promotion strategy. The course explores the use of digital technologies including websites, social media, and mobile devices to build relationships with customers and drive sales.
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Building Trust: Ethics and the Marketing Mix
Marketing isn’t just about making your product look good; it’s also about building customer trust. When you plan for the four Ps of marketing, it’s helpful to consider the ethical ramifications of each. In this course, you will learn about ethical choices in the marketing mix. From products and placement to pricing and promotion, you will learn about ethical marketing for each element.
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Applying Competitive Advantage to Marketing Strategies
In the digital marketplace, businesses are always looking for ways to set themselves apart and to find an edge over their competitors. By recognizing and applying the tenets of competitive advantage, companies emphasize and align to their customer needs and communicate their advantages clearly and persuasively. In this course you’ll learn about elements of competitive advantage, such as communicating company values through corporate social responsibility actions. You’ll also learn about external branding, focusing marketing efforts through a customer lens, and communicating an effective and appealing value proposition. Finally, you’ll examine AI and other innovative analytics tools that are used to enhance competitive advantage.
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The Basics of Marketing
Successful marketing is about optimizing the value you offer customers, as well as the value you get from them in return. Understanding its function will help you better understand the relationship that companies need to build with their customers. Knowing how to effectively advertise and use each distribution channel will help you stand out from the competition. In this course, you'll learn about the key functions of modern marketing and its link to overall corporate strategy. You'll also consider the role of advertising and distribution in digital marketing. Finally, you'll learn about the foundations for creating a marketing strategy and making the most of each advertisement in your distribution model.
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The People and Planning in Marketing
An effective marketing strategy takes time and money. It's vital to get things right, and this requires proper marketing planning. The elements of the traditional marketing mix form important strategic cornerstones of any marketing activity. However, this traditional marketing mix fails to address two very important aspects of marketing: planning and people. In this course, you'll learn about strategic and tactical planning and the kinds of market research that support it. You'll be introduced to the basics of budgeting for, developing, executing, and evaluating a marketing plan. And you'll learn how companies can engage all their employees in developing their own marketing roles.
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Product, Pricing, and Promotion in the Marketing Mix
The marketing mix is a collection of elements that uses advertising to satisfy customers' needs and meet business objectives. We all buy products – we read the advertisement and we check the competition. The company can advertise the product and then send it along the distribution channel. In this course, you'll learn about a few elements of the marketing mix: product, price, and promotion. You'll learn how marketing is involved in developing new products and about the stages of the product life cycle. You'll also learn about pricing, including how to approach product pricing. Finally, you'll learn about promotional techniques, including the importance of distribution and having a robust distribution model.
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Traditional and Online Distribution and Ethics in the Marketing Mix
Although using an advertisement may be an important aspect of your marketing strategy, there’s much more to marketing than just finding the best way to advertise your products or services. There’s also the vital process of how your product gets all the way from the producer into the hands of your target customers – the product distribution. This process has changed immeasurably with the invention of the Internet, and, just as with online advertising, it brings about a whole new range of concerns related to ethics. In this course, you’ll learn about the importance of an effective distribution model and selection of a distribution channel. You’ll also learn key distribution strategies and systems, how to select and manage distributors, online distribution opportunities, and e-marketing.
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Competitive Marketing Strategies: Analyzing Your Organization
It takes a certain amount of marketing innovation to win customers today. When developing a competitive marketing strategy, conducting effective research is a key step. You need to assess your organizational capabilities and advertising activities. In this course, you'll learn how to assess an organization's core capabilities and how to conduct a marketing audit. This course also describes how to conduct an internal analysis as part of the process of developing competitive marketing strategies. It explains the types of questions you may need to ask about your organizational resources and capabilities. And it describes areas to consider when doing a marketing audit and looking at innovation activities.
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Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems
Featuring contributions from leading marketing companies across the globe, this book shows how marketers and brand managers can react positively to changes in consumer behavior, building customer responses and loyalty via the full spectrum of digital media.
Book Duration 4h 27m Book Authors By Markus Ståhlberg, Ville Maila (eds)


Tactical SEO: The Theory and Practice of Search Marketing
Moving towards a deeper understanding of search marketing and the industry as a whole, this insightful book will help you truly grasp the opportunities, challenges and value that SEO can bring to an online presence in the long term, leading to a more strategic and nuanced approach.
Book Duration 2h 45m Book Authors By Lee Wilson


Marketing Analytics: A Practical Guide to Real Marketing Science
Assuming no prior knowledge, this thorough guide introduces concepts relating to statistics, marketing strategy, and consumer behavior and then works through a series of problems by providing various data modeling options as solutions.
Book Duration 3h 29m Book Authors By Mike Grigsby


Marketing Value Metrics: A New Metrics Model to Measure Marketing Effectiveness
Showing not only how marketing systematically contributes to shareholder value, this book also provides a framework for developing and implementing marketing strategies that are measurable and accountable.
Book Duration 4h 51m Book Authors By Malcolm McDonald, Peter Mouncey, Stan Maklan


Humanizing Big Data: Marketing at the Meeting of Data, Social Science and Consumer Insight
Offering advice on how to interpret and incorporate data into an organization’s overall marketing strategy, this practical book will help marketers seize the opportunity to see how big data can be used to understand consumers in new and exciting ways.
Book Duration 3h 50m Book Authors By Colin Strong


Valuable Content Marketing: How to Make Quality Content Your Key to Success, 2nd Edition
Written for the current business environment, particularly start-ups and consulting companies, this guide offers ideas, examples, step-by-step action lists, quick tips, and goal-driven chapter summaries to help businesses create compelling, targeted content for their customers.
Book Duration 5h 1m Book Authors By Sharon Tanton, Sonja Jefferson


The Marketing Pathfinder: Core Concepts and Live Cases
Featuring a unique blend of core concepts and brief, international case studies, this resource offers professionals and marketing students alike an effective way to contextualize the marketing decisions they'll make in the real world of business.
Book Duration 4h 35m Book Authors By David Stewart, et al.


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