Manage Your Career: How to Develop Your Career in the Right Direction

  • 56m
  • A & C Black Publishers
  • Bloomsbury Publishing LLC
  • 2006

The world of work moves so quickly these days that to get the best from your career, you need to actively manage it and seek out new opportunities. Manage Your Career will help you make the most of your talents and potential, and enable your dreams to become a reality. Packed with invaluable advice and practical help, it will help you plan the right move, whether you want to climb to the top of the career ladder or reinvent your working life completely.

In this Book

  • Manage Your Career—How to Develop Your Career in the Right Direction
  • Is Your Career on the Right Tracks?
  • Making Sure You’re in the Right Job
  • Creating a Career Plan
  • Making the Decision to Take a Risky Career Move
  • Tackling Job Burnout
  • Managing Dual-career Dilemmas
  • Reinventing Yourself
  • Making Yourself Promotable
  • Knowing When It’s Time to Move On
  • Where to Find More Help