Managing a Hospital: How to Succeed as a Clinical Leader in the Post-Pandemic Age

  • 2h 27m
  • Otto Armin Smiseth
  • Springer
  • 2023

This book demonstrates how hospitals can be transformed into dynamic, patient-centered, and cost-effective organizations. It describes systems for providing safe, high-quality medical services and outlines the importance of data for health outcomes.

In this regard, the book underscores the importance of decision-making and delegation, as well as the effective use of administrative staff, new technologies, and evidence-based medicine to benefit patients and boost efficiency. At the same time, it emphasizes the importance of applying metrics to improve cost-effectiveness.

Although primarily intended as a hands-on book for clinical leaders, it also considers hospitals from a broader societal perspective, making it of interest to leaders at all organizational levels in hospitals and to policymakers alike.

About the Author

Otto Armin Smiseth is Professor Emeritus at the Medical Faculty, Institute for Surgical Research, Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital, Norway. He is immediate past Director at the Division of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases, Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway. His management had focus on patient safety, quality and cost-effective use of resources. His expertise includes experience from hospital cultures in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

In this Book

  • Key Messages
  • Introduction
  • Safety First
  • Prove Quality
  • Show Empathy
  • Reduce the Administrative Burden
  • Take Control of Finances
  • How to Make Decisions
  • See Your Employees and Define Your Personal Added Value
  • Useful Tips for Becoming a Better Leader
  • How to Meet the Press
  • How to Get Control over Your Own Time?
  • Glossary