Marketing Your Career Brand: Tools, Techniques and Trends

  • 31m
  • Alan De Back, Michelle Carroll
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2014

In the past, your career brand was expressed primarily through a traditional resume. Today, your brand encompasses every way you promote yourself, both in electronic and more traditional formats. Marketing Your Career Brand will help you identify needs of your customers—whether they are potential clients, a prospective employer, or your current employer—and how your brand will address those needs. This issue of TD at Work will show you: how to define your career brand, and how to develop your marketing message the tools you can use, including various social media, to market yourself how to choose which tools to use, based on your intended audience and reason for being online the differences between a general and federal resume. Marketing Your Career Brand includes sidebars that help dispel misconceptions about social media and offer tips on using it successfully. You will also receive job aids to help you craft an accomplishments- and skills-based resume.

About the Authors

Alan De Back is an independent career counselor and learning consultant located in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. His experience includes more than 20 years in career counseling and learning/training-related functions. In addition to his current independent role, Alan has served as director of global learning for an Internet consulting firm and manager of leadership development for a major aerospace corporation. His experience also includes a role as a career counselor/trainer and program manager for a local Northern Virginia government, and assistant director of career services for a major upstate New York university. Alan holds a bachelors degree in psychology and history from the State University of New York at Geneseo, a masters degree in human resource development from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a graduate level certificate in industrial labor relations from Cornell University.

Michelle Carroll, founder and CEO of Carroll Career Consultants, specializes in career management solutions for individuals facing career crossroads and organizations seeking career management programs. Michelle is passionate about infusing social technology into the career development process to bring cutting edge information to elevate her clients to success. She is also a sought after speaker, coach for clients in her private practice, and lead coach at NASA's Goddard career center.

In this Book

  • Marketing Your Career Brand
  • Identifying Your Career Brand
  • Developing Your Marketing Message
  • Marketing Your Brand
  • Top Seven Social Media Platforms
  • Your Top Tool─Optimizing Linkedin
  • Creating and Writing the New Resume
  • Federal Resumes
  • Conclusion
  • References & Resources
  • Job Aid