Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations

  • 8h 40m
  • Eric Newell
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021

Confidently shepherd your organization’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to a successful conclusion

In Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations, accomplished executive, project manager, and author Eric Newell delivers a holistic, step-by-step reference to implementing Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP and CRM business applications. You’ll find the detailed and concrete instructions you need to take your implementation project all the way to the finish line, on-time, and on-budget.

You’ll learn:

  • The precise steps to take, in the correct order, to bring your Dynamics 365 implementation to life
  • What to do before you begin the project, including identifying stakeholders and building your business case
  • How to deal with a change management throughout the lifecycle of your project
  • How to manage conference room pilots (CRPs) and what to expect during the sessions

Perfect for CIOs, technology VPs, CFOs, Operations leaders, application directors, business analysts, ERP/CRM specialists, and project managers, Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations is an indispensable and practical reference for guiding your real-world Dynamics 365 implementation from planning to completion.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Stages of an Implementation Overview
  • What to Do before You Begin a Project
  • Four Keys to Consider When Buying an ERP or CRM Solution
  • How to Evaluate and Buy Business Application Software
  • Organizing Your Team for Success and Project Governance
  • Sprints and Tools Needed to Run Your Project
  • Change Management Throughout Your Project
  • Organizing Your Business by Processes
  • Independent Software Vendors—Filling Gaps and Managing Partnerships
  • Factors for a Successful Project Kickoff
  • Designing the Software Collaboratively
  • Requirements Gathering and Staying “In the Box”
  • Conference Room Pilots
  • Dealing with Challenges Mid-Project
  • Customizations vs. Configurations and How You Manage Them
  • Data Migration—Early and Often
  • Environment Management and Deployments
  • Testing
  • Training for All
  • Going Live
  • Hypercare
  • Support and Enhance Your Project
  • Bringing it All Together


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