Mastering UNIX

  • 12h 39m
  • Joe Merlino, Kate Wrightson
  • Sybex
  • 2001

Mastering Unix is your source for everything you need to know about today's most influential operating system. Inside, two Unix experts provide essential information on a wide range of Unix flavors, concentrating on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris8. Whether you're just getting started with Unix or want a resource to help you handle system administration's toughest chores, this example-filled book will answer all your questions and promote the skills you need to succeed. Coverage includes:

  • Using the Unix shell
  • Using X-Windows
  • Configuring and using remote services
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Creating user accounts
  • Creating user groups
  • Designing and building a network
  • Using Unix utilities
  • Programming the shell
  • Setting up and administering a mail server
  • Setting up and administering a news server
  • Setting up and administering a Web server
  • Implementing effective security practices

About the Authors

Kate Wrightson and Joe Merlino are freelance technical writers and authors of several other books about Linux and Unix. They live in Athens, Georgia, with their two dogs.

In this Book

  • Mastering Unix
  • History and Background of Unix
  • Which Unix?
  • Some Basic Unix Concepts
  • Logging In and Looking Around
  • Navigating the Filesystem
  • The X Window System—An Overview
  • Advanced X Techniques
  • Window Managers
  • KDE
  • Gnome
  • Manipulating Files and Directories
  • Customizing the Shell Environment
  • Input and Output Redirection
  • Other Shells
  • The ed Editor
  • The vi Editor
  • GNU Emacs
  • pico, joe, and jed
  • Graphical Text Editors
  • Variables
  • Flow Control, Part I—Conditional Flow Control
  • Flow Control, Part II—Iterative Flow Control
  • Regular Expressions
  • Signals and Status
  • What Is System Administration?
  • System Programming
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Disks and Filesystem Management
  • Installing and Managing Software
  • Getting to Know the Kernel
  • Managing Print Services
  • Introduction to Unix Networking
  • Network Interfaces and Routing
  • The Distributed System
  • Integrating Unix with Other Platforms
  • Network Security
  • Selecting a Suite of Services
  • Electronic Mail
  • USENET News
  • World Wide Web Services
  • Remote Access (inet) Services