Microsoft Azure for Java Developers: Deploying Java Applications Through Azure WebApp, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, and Azure Spring Cloud

  • 2h 8m
  • Abhishek Mishra
  • Apress
  • 2022

Learn Azure-based features to build and deploy Java applications on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. This book provides examples of components on Azure that are of special interest to Java programmers, including the different deployment models that are available. The book shows how to deploy your Java applications in Azure WebApp, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, and Azure Spring Cloud. Also covered is integration with components such as Graph API, Azure Storage, Azure Redis Cache, and Azure SQL.

The book begins with a brief discussion of cloud computing and an introduction to Java support on Azure. You’ll then learn how to deploy Java applications using each of the deployment models, and you’ll see examples of integrating with Azure services that are of particular interest to Java programmers. Security is an important aspect, and this book shows you how to enable authentication and authorization for your Java applications using Azure Active Directory.

Implementing a DevOps strategy is essential in today’s market when building any application. Examples in this book show you how to build continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines to build and deploy Java applications on Azure. The book focuses on the best practices you should follow while designing and implementing Java applications on Azure. The book also elaborates on monitoring and debugging Java applications running on Azure using Application Insights and Azure Monitor.

What You Will Learn

  • Design and build Azure-based Java applications
  • Run Azure-based Java applications on services such as Azure App Services, Azure Spring Cloud, Azure Functions, and Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Integrate Azure services such as Azure SQL, Azure Storage Account, Azure Redis Cache, Azure Active Directory, and more with Java applications running on Azure
  • Monitor and debug Java applications running on Azure
  • Secure Azure-based Java applications
  • Build DevOps CI/CD strategy for Azure-based Java applications
  • Package and deploy Azure-based Java applications on Azure

About the Author

Abhishek Mishra is a Principal Cloud Architect at a leading organization and has more than 17 years of experience in building and architecting software solutions for large and complex enterprises across the globe. He has deep expertise in enabling digital transformation for his customers using the cloud and artificial intelligence. He speaks at conferences on Azure and has authored four books on Azure prior to writing this new book.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Java Development for Azure
  • Java for Azure WebApp
  • Java-Based Azure Functions
  • Containerizing Java Applications with Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Running Java Applications on Azure Spring Cloud
  • Integrating with an Azure Storage Account
  • Azure SQL from Java Applications
  • Work with Azure Cosmos DB
  • Storing Runtime Data in Azure Redis Cache
  • Sending Emails Using Graph API
  • Debugging and Monitoring Using Azure Monitor and Application Insights
  • Authentication and Authorization Using Azure Active Directory
  • Provisioning Resources with Azure DevOps and Azure CLI
  • Building and Deploying Using Azure DevOps
  • A Near-Production Azure-Based Java Application


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