Microsoft Office Outlook 2016: Part Two

  • 1h 18m
  • Daniel Nicholson
  • Courseware Company Ltd.
  • 2019

This book is intended to help all users get up to speed on the different features of Outlook and to become familiar with its more advanced selection of features. We will cover how to configure advanced message options, use advanced message management options, manage activities using tasks, edit electronic business cards, share your workspaces with others, manage Outlook data files, and more.

By the end of this book, users should be comfortable in configuring advanced message options, using advanced message management options, managing activities using tasks, editing electronic business cards, sharing your workspaces with others, managing Outlook data files, and managing e-mail security.

In this Book

  • Configuring Advanced Message Options
  • Advanced Message Management
  • Advanced Calendar and Task Management
  • Advanced Contact Management
  • Sharing Workspaces with Others
  • Managing Outlook Data Files
  • Managing E-Mail Security


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