Myths of Marketing: Banish the Misconceptions and Become a Great Marketer

  • 3h 13m
  • Grant Leboff
  • Kogan Page
  • 2020

It's common knowledge that marketing is nothing but advertising, and if your business comes through word of mouth then you don't need marketing anyway. Besides, everyone knows that social media is the best form of free marketing there is... don't they?

The world of marketing is abound with a staggering number of misconceptions, fallacies and falsehoods. In Myths of Marketing, recognized industry expert Grant Leboff takes readers on a fascinating and entertaining journey through some of the most deeply entrenched stereotypes that exist in the industry, from the idea that sales and marketing are basically the same and that getting people's attention costs a lot of money, to the notion that demography is the best way to segment your market and 'content is king'.

Using a combination of academic research, amusing examples and industry case studies, Myths of Marketing effectively debunks many of the most pervasive myths and assumptions, leaving readers with a clearer, more perceptive understanding of marketing as a whole, to improve their own practice and marketing strategy.

About the Author

Grant Leboff is one of the UK's leading sales and marketing experts. Continually challenging received wisdom, Grant built a successful direct marketing company in 2002 and sold it six years later. He now serves as a non-executive director and also runs a strategic consultancy, Sticky Marketing Club, a consultancy which advises clients on sales and marketing strategies, building their brand and positioning it as market leader in their particular sector.

A regular speaker at conferences around the world, Grant Leboff is also a contributor to many business magazines and newspapers including, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, and The Financial Times. Grant is also the author of Sticky Marketing and Stickier Marketing, both published by Kogan Page.

In this Book

  • Marketing Communications Haven’t Fundamentally Changed
  • Marketing is Just Communications
  • Sales and Marketing are Basically the Same
  • I Don’t Need Marketing – My Company is Too Small and Business Comes from Word of Mouth
  • I Don’t Need a Marketing Plan
  • Marketing is Solely the Responsibility of the Marketing Department
  • Ultimately, People Buy on Price
  • Pricing is a Matter of Charging the Highest Amount Possible
  • The Purpose of a Brand is to Build Awareness
  • Every Business is a Brand
  • Business-to-Business Purchases are Purely Based on Logic
  • Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Marketing are Completely Different
  • Effective Marcom Means Running a Series of Great Campaigns
  • A Successful Business Requires a Compelling USP
  • Market Positioning is All about the Product or Service on Offer
  • Visuals are the Most Important Aspect of Any Marketing Communications
  • Our Offering Must Attract the Largest Audience Possible
  • Demography is the Best Way to Segment Your Market
  • The Focus of Marketing Communications Should Be a Company’s Products or Services
  • We are Operating in a Service Economy
  • The Customer Buying Journey is No Longer a Linear Process
  • I Instinctively Understand My Customer
  • Marketing Can Still Rely on the Traditional Purchase Funnel
  • Creating Content Takes Too Much Time and Money
  • Social Media is Nothing More than Some Alternative Channels to Market
  • Every Business Requires a ‘Higher Purpose’