Negotiation for Purchasing Professionals

  • 6h 19m
  • Jonathan O'Brien
  • Kogan Page
  • 2013

Negotiation for Purchasing Professionals provides purchasers and their team with the tools and tactics needed for a detailed, planned approach to negotiation. The book is written around the Red Sheet Methodology, a proven and collaborative technique already used worldwide by many companies, that integrates game theory, category management and negotiation skills.

The author shifts the emphasis away from relying on personality to a more structured approach that enables anyone to negotiate effectively, even when up against a formidable opponent. This allows the purchasing professional or team to evaluate the supplier in advance, assess the sales team, and tailor their negotiation strategy depending on cultural differences, personality traits and game theory. It creates a strong framework for discussion in advance of the meeting, allowing the negotiator to plan their agenda, objectives and tactics.

For people in a buying role, this book will increase confidence and develop the ability to secure winning outcomes and better business results.

About the Author

Jonathan O’Brien is a Director and co-owner of Positive Purchasing Ltd., an international purchasing consulting firm and training provider. He has worked all over the world helping global organizations increase their purchasing capabilities. He is also the author of Category Management in Purchasing (published by Kogan Page).

In this Book

  • Introducing Negotiation
  • Countering the Seller’s Advantage
  • Red Sheet – A Winning Process for Negotiation
  • Planning the Negotiation
  • Negotiating Across Cultures
  • Personality and Negotiation
  • Power
  • Game Theory in Negotiation
  • Defining Outcomes
  • The Negotiation Event
  • Winning Event Tactics
  • Body Language
  • Managing What You Say and How You Say It
  • Making It a Success