On Fire at Work: How Great Companies Ignite Passion in Their People Without Burning Them Out

  • 4h 1m
  • Eric Chester, Nido R. Qubein
  • Sound Wisdom
  • 2015

On Fire at Work flies in the face of other books on workplace culture by showing that employee engagement isn't the ultimate goal--it's merely the starting point. Renowned leadership expert Eric Chester has gone straight to the source--top-tier leaders of the world's best places to work to uncover their best practice strategies for getting employees to work harder, perform better, and stay longer.

On Fire at Work features examples and original stories from exclusive personal interviews with over 25 founders/CEOs/presidents of companies like Marriott, Siemens, BB&T Bank, Wegmans, 7-Eleven, Hormel, Canadian WestJet, Ben & Jerry's, and The Container Store, along with smaller companies like Firehouse Subs, the Nerdery, and Build-A-Bear. The guiding principle is that any organization in any industry--from Fortune 500 firms to mom-and-pop shops--can learn how to bring out the very best in their employees.

The book's content-rich research and conversational case study-based narrative make it a timely, actionable go-to reference on employee performance and productivity for C-level execs, corporate and government managers, HR professionals, and small business owners.

On Fire at Work is a practical field guide that any organization can implement to build, not an engaged workforce, but a workforce that's on fire!

In this Book

  • Firestarters
  • Foreword
  • Steak Knives, the Old School, and the New Deal
  • Compensation—Counterbalancing This and That
  • Alignment—Inculcating Core Values from the C-Suite to the Custodian’s Supply Room
  • Atmosphere—Ensuring Your Employees are Safe, Well-Equipped, and Goofing Off!
  • Growth—Grow Them Big or They’ll Go Home
  • Acknowledgement—What it Really Means to Put Your People First
  • Autonomy—Building an Army of Intrapreneurs
  • Communication—The Inextricable Link between Transparency and Trust
  • You Provide the Spark—They Will Create the Fire