Operational Excellence: Journey to Creating Sustainable Value

  • 6h 5m
  • John S. Mitchell
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2015

Provides the foundation and tools that are essential for an enterprise to bring Operational Excellence into their organizational culture; gain maximum results, benefits and value

  • Strategies for and implementing details for enterprises at all levels of maturity from those with programs in place to those looking to improve safety, health, environment performance as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations
  • Includes topics from concept to sustainability satisfying knowledge requirements of all levels in the organization
  • Defines program objectives; develops improvement strategies; identifies and prioritizes improvement opportunities; implements improvement plans; monitors, continuously improves and sustains results
  • Applicable to a broad variety of operating enterprises, academic institutions and third party implementing organizations

About the Author

John Mitchell has held a wide range of executive, managerial and technical positions over the course of his 40 year professional career. He has been a strong, visible advocate for the development and implementation of business, technical, and operating strategies for Operational Excellence, Physical Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance improvement. He has delivered numerous presentations and workshops throughout the world stressing the necessity, financial and business benefits of optimizing organizational culture and work processes. In semi retirement he provides mentoring and coaching for organizations committed to improving the effectiveness and productivity of their operations.

In this Book

  • Operational Excellence—The Imperative
  • Application of Operational Excellence
  • Foundation Principles
  • The Operational Excellence Program—Overview
  • Business and Financial Elements
  • The Essential Evolution to Real-Time Business Operational Excellence
  • Leadership, Vision, Strategy
  • Safety and Human Performance Excellence
  • Define the Program and Program Objectives
  • Optimize the Organization
  • Conduct Initial Training Workshops
  • Identify and Value Prioritize Opportunities for Improvement
  • Process Reliability Techniques Help Make More Money
  • Plan Opportunities for Improvement
  • Measures of Performance—Metrics and KPIs
  • Implement—Improvement Action Plans
  • Performance Assessments
  • Check—Measure and Manage Results
  • Improve—Institutionalize and Sustain Gains
  • Conclusion—Now It Is Up to You!